My Orange Obsession Part 4 featuring Bright Neroli

Ferarri Bright Neroli

Ferrari have been making fragrance for nearly twenty years.  For some reason I was hesitant about dipping into this brand as all I know them for is cars (beautiful but noisy).  Ferrari is a luxury brand and fragrance is one of the most luxurious elements of the cosmetics industry so the move into the is area is not as strange as it might seem at first but still Ferrari?

Ferarri Bright Neroli

One of the latest launches from the range is Bright Neroli and for me there is nothing not to like about this fragrance.  The box however leaves a little to be desired.  Beige and silver is not a combination that I would necessarily put together and it screams neither luxury nor citrus to me.  Take the bottle out of the box and the first thing that you notice is the weight.  I have other one hundred millilitre fragrances and none of them weigh as much as this one.  The two sides of  the bottle are thickened glass and they add both width and weight.  The lid is trimmed with what looks and smells like beige leather and is again pretty weighty

Ferarri Bright Neroli

Bright neroli is a really accurate name from this fragrance.  Orange blossom and neroli are sandwiched by orange and lemon at the top with amber vetiver and patchouli at the bottom.  The herby rosemary and piquant sizuan pepper don’t confuse the citrus and floral elements rather they enhance it.  If this fragrance were a colour it ould be primary yellow.  It is a bright morning in a warm country before the heat hits the pavements.  It starts off as an intense, but not zesty or sharp cologne and warms quickly into the  slightly honeyed white floral which stays with you for a good six hours.

Ferarri Bright Neroli

This fragrance is in my top five orange fragrances. It was love at first spray and I forgive the disappointing box because what is inside is so good.  If I were to design the packaging, I would put it in a laminated yellow box in an orange bottle (clearly I have no design skills) but this really needs a warm golden exterior to match the interior.  This is a great great fragrance.  I am loving wearing – definitely worth a spritz if you spot.

Bright Neroli is available from Harrods and retails for £65.00

PR Sample

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