Tools of the Trade: A storage issue

Double Ended Brushes

My make up brush stash is growing nicely.  I have some brushes that I have had for years, and others that I have invested in more recently but  there is one type of brush that I have  and use that I don’t love.  The double ended brush.  In fairness it is not the brush itself that I hate, it is the storage of the brush. I have both acquired and purchased double ended brushes. I have them for face and eyes and the issue is always the same.  Storage.

Double Ended Brushes


Double ended brushes for eyes tend to come in two main forms.  Shader brush on one end and blending brush on the other.  A good example of this is the brush that came with my YSL Tuxedo 2 palette.  Both ends of this brush are pretty good but the truth is that I don’t keep this brush in the palette.  I use it and wash it regularly so it is in my bathroom… lying on the window sill cos I don’t know how to store it.

Double Ended Brushes

Angled brush on one end and blending brush on the other.  This was actually my first double ended brush.  It is from Bare Minerals and it pre dates my blog by approximately three years. The blending brush I use most but the angled brush is good for placing shadow in the corner of my eye. This one I tend to store on the angled brush end which is really bad, but I use that end less.  As a result the angled brush is a bit of a mess. It is a shame but what other option do I have?


CoverFX – the brush that goes with the contour kit is double ended.  The thin end places the product where you want it and the bigger end is used ot blend it out.  The same principle applies to the Fashion Fair brush which was developed to use with their True Fix foundation.  Both are good brushes (The Cover FX was more expensive but is a better brush #justsayin) but once you have finished painting your face, what then?  The face brushes are heavier (and more expensive) so you definitely don’t want to store them on their end as the weight of the brush will distort the bristles and make the bottom of your brush holder dirty especially as they are used for cream complexion products

Double Ended Brushes

So what  is the solution?  To be honest I don’t really have one.  I try whenever possible to clean my brushes straight after use but you know as well as I do that sometimes, that just isn’t possible.  Sometimes doing my make up is the last thing that I do before I leave the house.  Sometimes I use a brushguard, but itcan be a faff to put it on the brush in the first place.  I tend not to have them in my to go make up bag as they will just leave product on the inside of the bag so Mainly, I just keep the brushes on a flannel  It is a real issue.


So over to you – what do you do?  Any hints tips and tricks will be greatly received!


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