My Orange Obsession Part 6 feat Just Cavalli and Citroen Vert

Just Cavalli and Citroen Vert

This month I am talking about one of my favourite layering options.   Just Cavalli and Citroen Vert from Cavalli and Malin +Goetz.  Last year I featured colognes quite heavily in this series. Going into the new year, I wanted to get back to my beloved neroli and a warmer, sweeter fragrance but with a touch of the crispness that I love from a good cologne.

Just Cavalli and Citroen Vert

I think that it is fair to say that Just Cavalli is probably the closet thing that I have to a celebrity type fragrance in my collection.  Roberto Cavalli’s clothes are in your face sexy, from the print to the cut to the material.  There is a part of me that identifies with that…a small part so it is no surprise to see the pink snakeskin packaging with a hefty amount of gold and a fuchsia pink accent for good measure. Cavalli’s take on neroli is to pare it with gardenia.  I love gardenia but in this fragrance, the gardenia element is like Eddy and the neroli like Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous.  On my skin the gardenia is the dominant element, you can smell the neroli and it smells good but the gardenia is always uppermost.  I love this fragrance and I wear it on it’s own BUT my favourite way to wear it is paired with Citroen Vert from Malin +Goetz.

Just Cavalli and Citroen Vert

Citroen Vert is a cologne that I would describe as bright.  Not as bright as Bright Neroli from Ferrari but in that spectrum.  I am doing Citroen Vert a bit of a disservice by calling it a Cologne.  The initial spray you get the bergamot lime and grapefruit but then you hit a very gentle whiff of jasmine, basil and pettigrain.    Citroen Vert is the perfect partner to Just Cavalli as it takes some of the attention away from the gardenia without smothering it, allowing the  neroli supported by the pettigrain to come to the forward and shine through.  Eddy is still at the party… but she has found someone to talk to so Saffy can get to the buffet uninterrupted.  Not every cologne type fragrance layers well, but Citroen Vert is Just Cavalli’s perfect partner.



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