Fragrance Alert: SWD Dalliance

SWD Dalliance

Dalliance is the second fragrance from British fragrance and accessories brand SWD or She Who Dares.  Created by entrepreneur Rachel Lowe, who first came to our attention on Dragons Den, SWD is a brand that celebrates women.  The website has lots of images of women who have encouraged and inspired that are being celebrated by the brand.  It is a lovely gesture and the stories are really inspirational.

SWD Dalliance

If you are a fan of white floral fragrances, you will enjoy Dalliance.  It has the glorious trinity of jasmine, tuberose and magnolia which gives you the femininity without being overwhelming.  Jasmine and tuberose are bold, so the addition of magnolia, provides a bit of creaminess that works beautifully with the musk and it softens that bolder flowers along with the pear that provides a sweetness without being too gourmand like a raspberry or pomegranate can be.  The magnolia is further amplified by the musk which creates a soft based.  Dalliance is an eau de parfum so it has some sillage, and the longevity is about six hours on my skin.  If you like a fruity floral, that is not too fruity this would be a good choice.

SWD Dalliance

Dalliance is packaged in an elegant asymmetrical bottle with a large cream plastic lid that is a three dimensional representation of the brands logo.  The lid has lots of quite sharp points on it so care needs to be taken when removing it from the box.  This is definitely a dressing table fragrance, not one to be carried around in your bag.  This range is available exclusively at Jarrold’s, and online at and


Dalliance is available in thirty, fifty and one hundred millilitre bottles and prices start from £32.00


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