Marc Jacobs: Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

I love a full coverage foundation so when Marc Jacobs Beauty coming to Harrods coincided with me coming to the end of my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation I had to indulge.   I have been wearing the Re(Marc)able Foundation in Cocoa Deep, applying it with the Foundation III Brush for over a week so I have got to know this product pretty well.  I indulged in a pretty significant spending spree at the Marc Jacobs counter so this will be the first of many reviews of this line.

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer who has was the creative director behind Louis Vuitton for nearly two decades.  In the UK he is probably most famous for his fragrance range – check out my review of his most popular fragrance Daisy.  The beauty line started in 2013 in collaboration with Sephora, yes, Sephora.  Both Sephora and the Marc Jacobs fashion line sit under the LVMH umbrella of companies and Marc Jacobs used to work for Louis Vuitton so you see how the ranges are interconnected. The Marc Jacobs line has developed a reputation of it’s own outside of Sephora and with good reason.  It is good product.  Check out my review of the Marc Jacobs Holiday Palette which I purchased last year from Sephora.  Now that we can get hold of Marc Jacobs Beauty not only at the Marc Jacobs boutique but also in Harrods, I took the opportunity to pick up a few products and have a play with the range.

Foundation III Brush

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

There are currently six brushes in the  Marc Jacobs brush range.  They are all for the face and they are synthetic.  Beautifully constructed, weighty and sophisticated looking  the Foundation III brush was specifically designed to be used with the Re(Marc)able foundation and has white tipped bristles.  Did I need to buy this foundation brush?  In reality now.   I have several, but I was curious about the foundation and wanted to use it in the way described, ie with the brush.  My favourite foundation brush is from Louise Young, I have been using it for years with liquid and cream foundations and I love it …. but the Foundation III brush is really good too.

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

It is densely packed and kabuki-esque brush.  As many synthetic foundation brushes as I have I don’t own anything like this… not that there aren’t similar product on the market, because there are, and for cheaper (the brush is thirty seven pounds) but I loved the aesthetic …and more to the point, I really wanted it!  Due to the of  the diameter of the brush and the fact that the bristles are densely packed, you can cover your face in foundation in a short period of time.   Application is super speedy and the finish is flawless – absolutely no streaks.

Re(Marc)able Foundation in Cocoa Deep

Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Foundation and Foundation III Brush

I am a fan of the cake face so I am all about the full coverage foundation.  Re(Marc)able Foundation contains forty three percent pigment.  More than double the level that many other brands have.  High pigmentation and a light weight formula means cake face with the cake look.    The lovely sales assistant at Marc Jacobs told me one drop really was what I needed.  But this is me. I have been known to use nine drops of an aromessence when Decleor advise three.  Yes.  I am rebellious and heavy handed with a penchant for cake face, so the first time I used it, I was restrained. I put one drop on the back of my hand, picked up some product with the brush and started to buff it into the skin.

Wow.  Full coverage but not heavy, I love it.  This is not a product to use with a beauty blender in my opinion, you will loose too much product to the blender.  There is much talk about dotting it on the face.  Dont’ do that. The foundation comes with a dotter, put some on the back of your hand.  The packaging is gorgeous –  frosted glass with a sturdy lid.  I would have preferred a pipette rather than a dropper but it is a non issue for me.

I was colour matched to the shade Cocoa Deep which is the deepest shade.  I love the fact that this brand has an inclusive shade range, but I do feel that they need to go deeper.  I  was worried about it being too red for my preference.  Directly on the skin it kinda is… but once you get buffing with the brush, it is good.    The perfect shade for me with be equal amounts of Coco Medium which is the right undertone but too light, and Cocoa Deep.

I really like this foundation. Really like it.  It is a real pleasure to use and the coverage is insane… in a good way.  As well as great coverage – the product is really long lasting.  your face looks amazing at the end of the day and for someone like me who touches their face alot that is always a good sign.  This is a luxe brand at thirty seven pounds, it comes in at the same price as a Dolce and Gabbana or Armani Foundation but with the level of pigmentation that you get , it is really worth it.


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