Marc Jacobs: Sky-Liner Seven-Piece Petites Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Collection



Part two of my Marc Jacobs haul is the Sky-Liner Seven-Piece Petites Highliner Gel Eye Crayon collection – phew that is a very long way to describe this eyeliner kit!  I recall seeing this or a similar set on the Sephora website when I bought the holiday palette at Christmas (In the UK it is £32 which includes tax.  In the US it is 48 dollars plus tax).  The collection is housed in the same holographic box as the eye shadow palette, which is very attractive to look at but very difficult to photograph!


The collection contains seven travel sized eye-liners, some of which are limited edition.   One pencil is nineteen pounds and 0.5 grams.  the petite pencils are 0.37 grams so more than half the size of the full sized pencil.  The Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Collection is equivalent to a smidge over 5 full sized pencils, for less than the price of two.  The value on this is great.  Also these pencils are amazing –  expensive, but amazing.


Packaging is going to be a regular theme in my Marc Jacobs reviews. You have to bear in mind that I am a huge fan of a patent texture and this gift set comes in a beautiful patent finish glossy black mini bag purse type thing.  It is too tiny for a clutch bag, as my phone would not fit in it, but I use it as my office toilet bag.  The one that I leave in my drawer at work which contains sanitary product, ibuprofen, tissues, a couple of berroca tablets etc.  Back to the pencils – the colours are gorgeous and very brown girl friendly.  There is not one colour that I can’t wear which is unusual in a collection of products.  The colours all have sparkle in them but it is grown up.  The particles are not very large so they don’t irritate the eye.Marc Jacobs 7-PIECE PETITES HIGHLINER COLLECTION

In the Buff  – if you have a fair skin tone, this will be pretty on the lash line but for me it is all about a lid colour.  Extravagant, yes, cos these are small pencils but it is sooooo pretty.

Wave(length) – midnight blue, registers as blue on dark skin, inky gorgeousness on the lid, perfect for tightlining

Blacquer – One of the best black eye pencils.  No shimmer, easy glide gel texture and blackest black. Swoon

Express (oh)  – geddit!!  A limited edition shade, beautiful dark brown with shimmer.  This is a beautiful shade for no make up make up days.  The colour is quite close to my skin tone so when the light catches the shimmer it is all good.  Because the colour is waterproof, it is not super tacky so if you are going to use it as an eye shadow base, apply the powder pretty quick after application.  blends out like a dream.  Really love this colour.  They need to make it permanent.

Boys n Berrys – geddit! Boysenberry this  is a berry with a hint of plum.  It is not purple  – Plumage is the purple shade, but this is a lovely colour too.

Ody(sea)  – teal shimmer.  OMG, this colour is the reason to buy this collection if you have dark skin.  This colour in the waterline with a purple shadow on the lid.  No I am not kidding.  AMAZING.  This colour is also great on the lid but it is so impactful, that I tend to keep it for the waterline.

Stone Fox – metallic grey, a lovely alternative to black, it looks gorgeous with silver and cool toned taupe colours.


This is a gorgeous gift, but also a good way  to get into the brand, the packaging, the textures and the shades that you will find within the range.


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