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Micro Cell Nail System Swatch Woc

My nails are back thanks to Micro Cell.  It has been a while since I did a talon tales post.  This is for two reasons.  The last trips I made to Billingsgate Fish Market resulted in lots of scratches on my hands from having to deal with fish that needed gutting, scales, fins and all the rest of it.  In addition, my nails were not in the best of states.    I have been dipping into the Micro Cell system for couple of months now and it has really helped to turn my nails around.

Micro Cell Nail System

Micro Cell is a German company that do nails and nails only.  Focusing on brittle and soft nails, Micro Cell uses a protein formula to strengthen the nails.  Apply the clear Nail Repair  for two consecutive days, on the third day, take it all off and start again.  It makes it slightly more work than Renunail which I had lots of success with a couple of years ago but the process is the same.  Micro Cell claim that you will have strong nails within two to three weeks as the formula restores the protein in the nails.  I found that my nails did not grow that quickly… but that might have had something to do with all the fish I was gutting.

Micro Cell Nail System

Unlike Renunail, Mico Cell have colour  varnishes in the range.  Fortified with a range of minerals (including calcium) and diamond it provides a synergistic strenghening effect when used in conjunction with the base coat.  Raspberry Kiss is a pretty crème shade that applies opaque in one coat but apply two and it lasts three to four days before I start to see shrinkage at the tips of my nails.

Micro Cell Nail System Swatch Woc

There are lots of nail strengthening programmes on the market.  Some make your nails so strong that they become brittle.  Micro Cell does not do that but it did not provide the long length that I have achieved with other nail strengthening programmes that I ahve used.  If your nails are in not too bad a condition or you are looking for a base coats to help strengthen your nails Micro Cell is a good option.

Check out their website to see the full range which includes nail varnish remover and nail oil.  The Nail Repair is £18.50 and the nail colours are £14.95


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