Make up Forever (MUFE) Aqua Edit featuring Aqua Eyes, Aqua Liner, Aqua Lips and Smoky Extravagant

MUFE Aqua Lip Aqua Eye Aqua Rouge and Aqua Liner

I decided that I should talk about the MUFE  Aqua range as they have just announced their new and improved Aqua range called Aqua XL.  They are touted to be getter in every way than the original Aqua range which may be true but since the original MUFE Aqua products are going to be in stores for a while, I though it would be a good time to tell you about them.  Especially since  you may be able to pick them up at a discounted price!  The Aqua range was created for synchronised swimmers.  Created with withstand water without smudging, running cracking creasing on fading,  – the Aqua  range  are designed to stay on all day and they do.  I like the fact that these are pencils that you sharpen (as opposed to being retractable).

MUFE Aqua Lip Aqua Eye Aqua Rouge and Aqua Liner

Aqua Eyes 10 – Black – Surprisingly, this is not the blackest black, however it is black enough. The texture is beautifully smooth so you can tight line upper and lower eye without getting  grit in your eye or making your eyes sore.  If you want to smudge it you get about 10 seconds play time and then it is sticks… but only if you apply it to dry or powdered skin. If there is any oil / moisturiser on the skin the product wont adhere.  It is good – but I prefer my Marc Jacobs Higherliner in Blacquer for the intensity of the black shade.

MUFE Aqua Eye

Aqua Lips 12C – Matte Plum – MUFE call it Matte Plum which got me all manner of excited as I love purple but on my lips this is  brown with a hint of burgundy in it. In my word burgandy and plum are not the same thing.  It is the perfect shade to wear under brown lipstick

Aqua Lips 19C – Pomegranate Pink – On me, this is a  cool toned red.  Definitely red, not pink.  I love it and usually to wear it by itself rather than to line the lips.

Aqua Eyes 6L – Black with Purple Highlights – A gooooorgeous purple for the eyes, but I also use it on the lips regularly

MUFE Aqua Rouge

Aqua Rouge – This does not feel (or look) like the rest of the Aqua range in my opinion.  It is a two part system of liquid lipstick and sealent reminiscent Max Factor Lipfinity.  It is the product that I use the least.  You apply the red an then the clear, but the brush from the clear side gets stained red and it is too much of a faff to use.

MUFE Aqua Liner 5 and 7

Aqua Liner 5 – Bright vibrant turquoise, very beautiful on brown skin it keeps its colour all day.  If you want to add colour to a look without using an eyeshadow this is it.

Aqua Liner 7 – Purple  with purple reflex in it.  LOVE IT.  It is the high end version aka dupe of the Kiko liner but with a thicker brush.   Registers as purple on the skin  – cant get enough of it.

MUFE Aqua Liner and Smoky Extravagant

Smoky Extravagant Mascara – This is not part of the Aqua range but I thought it I should include it because it is a great MUFE product that wears well with this range.  This is a really good mascara.  It has a Christmas tree shaped brush, which means that your out lashes really get pushed up and out.  It give a natural curl, not super dramatic. The lashes remain really flexible so you can really really build this product up to create an almost false lash effect.

MUFE Aqua Lip Aqua Eye Aqua Rouge and Aqua Liner

I am a big an of MUFE and the Aqua range is great. I have played with a couple of Aqua XL products and whilst they are good, I wont be throwing away the Aqua products I have just yet.


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