Cover FX A+ Jasmine Custom Infusion Drops

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

Custom Infusion Drops from Cover FX have been out for a while but I wanted to thoroughly test the them before I did the review.  I am a huge fan of Cover FX.  They are a brand that does not get enough love considering how strong their product range is.  Cover FX is an innovative but not a gimmicky brand. If you have not seen the video of me talking about Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, check it out here.  The concept from Cover FX took the beauty world by storm.  Not because you add drops of pigment to your foundation, other pro brands have already been doing this.  The mind blowing element (in my opinion) is that you can add it to oil, water, and silicone based products.

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

The second part of Cover FXs ‘custom’ story are the Infusion Drops.  Infusion drops are oil infused with different actives (depending on the skin type) that are used on their own as skincare or in conjunction with Custom Cover Drops to create a complexion product with skincare benefits.

A+ Jasmine – for anti ageing

C+ Lemongrass – for radiance

E+ Chamomile – for sensitive skin

F+ Neroli – for hydration

 There are four Custom infusion drops.  Each is a blend of oils and botanicals (depending on the skin type) in a silicone base.  In the anti ageing formula, the botanicals and actives include avocado, grape seed, watermelon seed, and soya been oil.  There are two retinol derivatives in the infusion drops which provide the ‘anti ageing’ element to the product by encouraging cell turnover which in turn can help to address fine lines and wrinkles.  There is also jasmine to help hydrate the skin.  The jasmine fragrance is barely noticeable on the skin.

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

They can be used alone in the skin or mixed with other skincare and makeup products.  Personally I prefer to mix them.  I don’t have an issue with silicones in my make up and come parts of my skincare regime. I understand the benefits of silicones in my skincare not only for texture but also for dissolving and solublising other ingredients. .  Personally I  prefer my face oils to be silicone free – my skin responds so much better to them and I prefer the stronger aromatherapeutic element in my regime.  For this reason I don’t use the Custom Infusion Drops at night.  As with all Cover FX products the Custom Infusion Drops are  are phthalate, sulphate and paraben free

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

The Custom Infusion Drops are the perfect complement to the Custom Cover Drops.  The dry oil texture provides a flawless base which applies equally well with a brush or a beauty sponge and does leave the skin looking oily or greasy. Powder products like highlighters or blushers apply perfectly over the top of the custom mix.  You can also create customised highlighters and blushers by mixing them with the Custom Infusion drops – the possibilities are endless!  Adding a drop of oil to your foundation product is not a new trick.  The advantage that the Custom Infusion Drops gives is that it is a dry oil with skincare benefits so you avoid the greasy face.  They are a great addition to your beauty wardrobe.

Custom Infusion Drops A+ Jasmine Anti Ageing

Custom Infusion Drops are available from SpaceNK and other authorised stockists and retail for £40

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