Amethyst Trust

Amethyst Trust

How do you feel about massage?  Is it pampering or therapeutic for you?  How regularly do you have massage?  How would you feel about being medically prevented from having the treatment you wanted? Or having to ask your GP for a note to confirm that you are able to have a massage? The Amethyst Trust is changing the way that people with and or recovering from cancer access therapeutic massage treatments.

Amethyst Trust

At different stages in their journey a person with or recovering from cancer may feel that a massage and or pampering treatment is exactly what they need.  Research shows that massage can help overcome fatigue, improve mood and in some cases providing some therapeutic benefit.  The removal of  an individual’s choice due to logistical and legal hurdles is yet another blow for people who are focused on recovery.

Is the therapist trained to work with people who have or recently recovered from cancer?

An untrained therapist may ask the client to sit or lie in a position that is inappropriate or uncomfortable for their diagnosis or scaring.  This can have additional implications for the health and enjoyment of the treatment.

Is the salon / therapist insured to treat people with cancer?

The UK is not as litigious a nation as the US, but insurance is vital for salons and therapists.  There are perceived risks associated with providing massage to people with cancer that insurance companies are wary of.

Having cancer does not mean one thing.  There are a spectrum of conditions, stages of recovery and treatments. Since 2010, the Amethyst Trust has been providing a 360 degree service.  They ensure that medical staff understand that salons and therapists can provide a safe and effective service.

Amethyst Trust

Training for therapists

The team at the Amethyst Trust provide high quality massage and treatment training for therapists.  They learn specific massage techniques and adaptations which are both appropriate and effective for a variety of conditions and needs.  The training is carried out by beauty and holistic therapy industry experts who have decades of experience and developed the techniques in conjunction with medical practitioners.

Insurance for salon owners 

The Amethyst Trust has an insurance package for salons that employ therapists that have been trained to provide massage for people that have or are currently receiving treatment for cancer.

Information for people wanting treatment

Looking for an appropriately qualified therapist? The Amethyst Trust can provide information about qualified therapists /salons and the treatments that they offer.

Everyone is affected by cancer. Whether within your immediate family or someone that you know from work or through friends.  For many people who have this cruel disease they may not wish to have a massage.  For many it might be just what they need and to have the choice to do so taken out of your hands seems unnecessary.  Massage can be so beneficial under the right circumstances and the Amethyst Trust is a great initiative.  It gives people and option and a choice at a time when their options may be limited.

If you are a therapist / salon owner, get in touch with the Amethyst Trust.  Find out more about the services that they provide.  Talk to your favourite / local salon about the opportunity for them to extend their services.  Talk to people you know who are recovering from cancer.  Find out about what they would like and get them in touch the the Amethyst Trust.  Raising awareness about this great initiative will ensure that people get the services that they need.


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