Avon: Colour Corrector Pearls

Avon Colour Corrector Pearls

The Avon Colour Corrector Pearls are the type of product that make me rant.

Avon Colour Corrector Pearls

If you didn’t know that these were called colour correcting pearls you would marvel at the similarity of the product to Guerlain’s heroic product Meteorites.  Little balls… sorry pearls in a variety of colours which provide a light dusting of powder to the skin.  Depending on the colour determines what they are used for on the face.  The Avon Colour Correcting Pearls are smaller and not packaged as beautifully but they also cost a fraction of the price.  Affordable brands creating their version of products seen in higher end brands is nothing new.  That is not the reason for my rant.

Guerlain have the sense to call their Meteorites  ‘light revealing pearls of powder’ or ‘illuminating powder’  Guerlain also have the sense to create their meteorites in a range of tones.  I am getting ready to rant… can you feel it?  Avon Colour Corrector pearls assume that their consumer is one shade.  If you have a tan or deeper complexion a light lavender correcting pearl is not going to do any thing for you.  The obvious way to deal with this would be to create their Colour Corrector Pearls in more than one shade intensity.  Five would be nice but three would be acceptable.  You create the same amount of pearls in each shade but the proportion of colours in each shade intensity would be different.  In the deep there would be more orange and bronze pearls.  In the light, more green and lavender and in the medium, an equal mixture of all the shades.  That way everyone is catered for.  The beauty industry needs to understand that  ‘universal shade’ is an oxymoron when it comes to complexion products and Avon is a brand that has been around long enough and in enough markets to know better.

Imagine the scene, Tilda Swinton and I are having a cosy chat on my sofa drinking tea and putting the world to rights and then Pat McGrath comes round to do our make up (these are the kinds of things that I fantasise about) There is not one complexion product (outside of primer possibly) that Ms McGrath would use on my face, and then apply to Tilda’s. Not. One.  There is no shade of green or lavender (you know I love purple and would happily cover myself in lavender) that will correct for my hyper pigmentation and dark circles.  Don’t try to tell me otherwise Avon.

Avon Colour Corrector Pearls

So, there I am in my bathroom, having that mini rant in my head but I have to try the product to really see how it works.  So I do, I take my Bare Minerals Seamless Finishing and Shaping brush, dab it in the product, (cursing under my breath the whole time) and apply it to my face.  Damn it! It’s pretty.  With a very  light hand and a fluffy brush, this provides a pretty illumination / radiance to my rich skin tone but it has a very white undertone. Applied as you would a highlight (high points of the face) you will not glow but you will create some dimension to the face.   If you have oily skin, don’t pick this product up – the pearls don’t last well on the skin but don’t be tempted to reapply (if you have a rich skin tone) as it will just look white.

Avon Colour Corrector Pearls

If Avon created this product in different tones, I would wax lyrical about it and probably want to bath in it. However, Avon don’t.  I could have taken the lavender and green shades and given them to a friend of mine and kept the orange and peach tones for myself but I didn’t.  I just gave the whole lot to a friend.  Grrr hurrumph!  Rant over!


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