Dadi’ Cuticle Oil

Dadi Cuticle Oil

Whenever I speak to a nail technician I ask them about cuticle oil.  The dry skin I have on my body extends to my cuticles and Dadi’ Cuticle Oil is regularly mentioned.   The company that makes Dadi’Cuticle Oil – Famous Names only create nail products and these are marketed to the professional nail technician or salon.  I am not sure how Dadi’ came into consumer consciousness but I am glad it did because this is a great oil

Dadi Cuticle Oil

I really like the fact that this oil is promoted for both skin and nails.  I often add a couple of drops to light handcreams to give them an an extra boost.  Dadi Cuticle Oil is ninety five percent organic and is a blend a lots of skin loving oils and essential oils including avocado, olive, jojoba, vitamin E and Lavender.

Dadi Cuticle Oil

The oil has a vanilla  scent which is unusual in a cuticle oil.  It is sweet but not like candy and is not overwhelming in any way.  When applied to the cuticles it absorbs quite quickly and provides instant moisture especially if applied on damp skin.  As someone with chronic dry skin, I like the fact that Dadi oil is nourishing for the skin.  Pushing my cuticles back became easier and my cuticles softer within a week.  My nails are prone to being quite brittle and Dadi oil provides flexibility which helps me retain nail length for longer.

Dadi Cuticle Oil .I don’t carry this product out and about with me – it is too messy and I don’t want the glass bottle breaking in my bag but my Dadi’ Cuticle Oil lives next to my remote control.  Just as I am sitting down to watch a bit of telly in the evening I can treat my cuticles.  You may feel that cuticle oil is an unnecessary product – of course you could make your own blend or use a single oil but I am a product junkie so I make no apologies.

It is not the easiest product to get hold of, but I picked mine up from Selfridges – next time you get a manicure, ask your nail tech about Dadi’ Cuticle Oil.


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