My Weleda Model Zone Experience

Weleda Model Zone It started with a request from British Model Erin O’Connor, ‘can you send us a box of products’.    It came again of the following year to which Weleda responded, can we send a person with the products. Nine years later the Model Zone is an established and highly anticipated space for the models.  The idea is simple.  A suite with a bathroom in a hotel near the centre of London Fashion Week activities.

Weleda Model Zone

There are refreshments and most importantly a safe space to just be for the models who are in the shows.  No press, no agents, no public just therapists from Weleda’s national network who offer a range of services including facials, massage as well as other holistic treatments including homeopathy and health consultations.    Models can shower and change between fittings and shows using the full complement of Weleda products and generally chillax.

I had the opportunity to experience the facial that the models will be offered during London Fashion Week:-

Weleda Model Zone

The Weleda SOS Skincare Facial

  • Milk Bath (Rosemary or Lavender) – A capful was added to warm water. A  flannel was placed into the warm water, wrung out and applied on half the face.  After some deep breathes and when the flannel is cool the process is repeated on the other side of the face.
  • Almond Cleansing Lotion – A small amount was added to damp cotton wool and wiped across the face to remove make up, and the day’s dirt and pollution.
  • Almond Oil – Massaged the face incorporating some lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • Skin Food – Warmed in the hands and then applied to the skin as a thick mask

I am a big fan of Skin Food but I had never used it on my face before.  It made a great mask for my tired and hormonally stressed skin.  The chamomile and calendula in Skin Food calmed my spots.  The almond and sunflower oils in Skin Food left my dehydrated skin with a dewy bloom and the lavender and rosemary essential oils soothed my frazzled brain.  It is definitely a beauty hack that I am going to incorporate into my weekly pampering sessions.

Weleda Lavender and Rosemary Bath Milk

Weleda is a great brand, and their collaboration with London Fashion Week is testament to their holistic roots.  Born from the Steiner movement, the Model Zone really does provide a three hundred and sixty degree service for the women.

Weleda Skin Food


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