My First Venture Into Snail skincare featuring Escargot Collection

Escargot Collection

“I’m testing some snail skincare at the momement”  I said “Ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!  Why???” my friend said.




This has been the reaction I have received from many when I mentioned that I was trying skincare that contained snail extract.  To be honest that was my initial reaction too but it is also the reason I agreed to try the range.  Escargot Collection is a brand that only has two products and both of the products Snail written on the packaging and the boxes.  This company is all about the snail.

Escargot Collection

Snail extract in skincare is not new, in dates back centuries and lots of brands include snail extract.

The claimed benefits of snail extract are many

  • Improving fine lines and flaccidness helping with anti-ageing
  • Removal of skin blemishes
  • Keeping the skin hydrating and moisturised
  • Reduction in stretch marks & scars
  • Helps repair skin from first degree burns & minor cuts
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Helps combat acne and spots

I don’t have cellulite or stretch marks on my face (!)  but it has been an interesting 6 weeks.

The packaging is hefty as in heavy.  Both are housed in glass with plastic lids.  The red orange ombre effect is like nothing else on my dressing table.  Not quite vintage but it does feel like it comes from a previous era.

Escargot Collection Moisturising Emulsion £27

Escargot Collection

This is applied directly after cleanser so think of it as a toner.  However it is not like any toner or essence that I have used.  This is like a slightly tacky light moisturising lotion.  The texture (slightly tacky) and the high level of fragrance makes me think that these have been added to high the snail-ness of the product.  However I took a deep breath and applied it to my skin.  It absorbs quickly and dries matte.

Escargot Collection Revitalising Lifting Cream £35

Escargot Collection

This product shares the same perfume as the emulsion and again the fragrance is quite strong.  The texture is thicker but not tacky.  Again it absorbs quickly and does not leave the skin dewy but is not super matte so it is a nice base for makeup.

On the skin, I did not find that either product had a lifting effect on the skin which was disappointing.  My skin did remain hydrated and moisturised but I did not see a noticeable difference in my scars.  My hormonal spots popped up as per usual so I don’t think that there was any added anti bacterial benefit from snail the range.

You wouldn’t be able to guess that these products contain snail extract if you did’nt know.   The snail extract is literally the last ingredient on the inci list so the concentration in the product is minimal.  The product don’t have peptides or other ingredients to promote skin.  It literally is all about the snail extract.  The Escargot Collection Revitalising Lift Cream has mineral oil in it so it is not a product that I continued to use.  The Emulsion has stayed on my dressing table but I use it as a primer not a toner.  Over a face oil or an emollient face moisturiser it provides a great base for liquid foundations.

So my first snail experience has not been icky at all – I would definitely try more snail skincare so if you have any recommendations please let me know.


Escargot Collection is available from their website. Prices start from £27


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