Illuminating Fragrance: Paddywax – Fresh Meyer Lemon

Paddywax Fresh Lemon Meyer Candle

Paddywax Fresh Lemon Meyer CandleAmerican brand Paddywax have been producing candles since 1996.  The brand contains nine ranges which are all housed in different glass or ceramic containers.  I picked up Fresh Meyer Lemon from the Blue Apothecary range because I was in the market for a candle from my kitchen.

I’m on a bit of a health kick at the moment. I am spending alot my time in my kitchen preparing food from scratch.  On the weekends I batch cook meals for the week.  Prepping and cooking different cuts of fish and meat is a task and a nice smelling candle always helps when scaling fish or taking the giblets out of a chicken – my least favourite jobs.

Paddywax Fresh Lemon Meyer Candle

Lemon is one of my favourite scents in the kitchen it just smells cleans and fresh. Fresh Meyer Lemon does not smell like a freshly cut lemon.  It is not a sharp or zingy, rather it is sweet and almost (but not quite) sherberty.  It does not have the best throw of fragrance but it does leave a pleasant background aroma in the room.

Not really the kitchen fragrance that I had hoped for in terms of cleansing my kitchen of odours but still a nice fragrance.  I have plans for the blue glass jar once the candle has burnt out – it will make a beautiful vase for some of my favourite purple blooms.



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