E45: Intense Recovery Spray.

E45 Instant Recovery Spray

During my childhood, E45 was known as Aqueous Cream.  As a family that suffers from dry skin, when you went to the doctor you were given emulsifying ointment and aqueous cream in large tubs to slather over the reptilian skin you had on your body.  Fast forward four decades and E45 the product has developed into a brand.

E45 Instant Recovery Spray

I should have recalled all of this before I purchased this product but I love the idea of spray on moisturiser.  E45 called it ‘INTENSE RECOVERY’ which is exactly what my skin needs and did I mention that it is a spray?  What could go wrong?

Well.. the spray mechanism functions well.  The product is expelled at pretty good speed.  The whole thing looks like you are spraying hair mouse rather than body moisturiser on your skin or into your hand.  It is a lotion type consistency that holds it’s form.  Don’t hold the product too close to the area that you are spraying as you wont get an even distribution.  It is cool on the skin which is nice in warm weather.

 E45 Instant Recovery Spray

I am stalling can you tell?  E45 Instant Recovery Spray is completely  rubbish on my very dry skin.  After an hour I am back to my substantive skin – aka scaly.  I wanted it to be good – I really wanted it to work but I am sorry to say it just does not work.  The mister liked the product but thought that the spray was a bit of a ffaff (what does he know eh?)  My mum also asked me several times what the benefit of a spray was.  Thinking quickly, I reminded her that sometimes when you skin is sore/irritated, you don’t want to rub a product into the skin. On these occasions it is better to layer or spray it.  Ahh yes, she said, very true. But I used to do that for you lot when the aqueous cream came in a tub she said.

Hmmmm… Patent Purple Life team are passing on this one – sorry.


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