EF Medispa: Luminous Lift

EF Medispa Luminous Lift

I love skincare so a facial is always a treat. I was over the moon when I was invited for the Luminous Lift LED Light Therapy Facial at Medispa in Canary Wharf.  This was unlike any other treatment I have ever had.  There were no creams, lotions or potions – no smellies at all.  In fact, the treatment was not carried out by a therapist.  I had a very lovely nurse looking after me the whole time.

EF Medispa Canary Wharf

LED Light Therapy involves exposing the skin to different wavelengths of light.  There are clinically proven benefits for the skin including reducing acne, scarring and wrinkles and stimulating collagen.  Some therapies use one wavelength, eg blue for the treatment of acne.  Luminous Lift  exposes the skin to red, yellow, blue, orange and violet, as well as infra-red and cold wave.  The benefit of having this rainbow is that you get a multiple effect depending on your skin’s needs.

The treatment lasts for 30 minutes.  You don’t have to remove your clothes or take out piercings.  The skin is cleansed prior to treatment.  You lay on the bed and eye stickers are placed over your eyes.  A ‘hood’ which emits the light is placed over your face, about 15 cm away from your face.  When the machine is switched on there is an immediate warm sensation but it does not heat up, the temperature remains constant for the treatment.

EF Medispa Luminous Lift


The nurse left the room while the treatment took place.  She checked in with me after 15 minutes to make sure that I was ok.  I was so she left again and returned at the end of the treatment. The thirty minutes went quickly partly due to the lack of pan pipe music. I was humming along to an acoustic sound track and before I knew it she was back in the room.

At the end of the treatment, I couldn’t wait to touch my face.  My skin felt smooth and there was a light tightening effect.  I was given an SPF to put on (it was the hottest day of the year) and went on to meet friends and have drinks.  On the day, I did not think that my skin really looked any different.   I did my usual skincare that evening and went to bed.  The next morning however my skin looked REALLY GOOD. So good I posted a bare faced selfie.

The main difference that I noticed was my pores.  Their appearance was significantly minimised.  At first I thought that it was just a temporary effect. Nearly two weeks later, my pores are still more refined than they were prior to the treatment.  My face is also firmer, especially in the cheek area.  I was hoping that I would see a change in my scarring from spots – sadly I didn’t but I only had one treatment.  Who knows what would happen after six or eight treatments.

This is a treatment that I would definitely recommend.  I loved the fact that there were no contraindications for deep / dark skin tones. If you are looking for amp up what your skincare is doing for you this is a great option.

EF Medispa are also running an amazing competition at the moment. You can win a head to toe makeover (face and body) makeover at their London based centres.  Find out more details here

Luminous Lift Treatment is available exclusively at EF Medispa price available on request.


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