Another Rose Fragrance: Liz Earle No 20

Liz Earle Number 20

I’m at it again with a rose fragrance.  This time it is Liz Earle No 20 which was created to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the brand.  Liz Earle fragrances are known to be open in terms of the ingredients that they contain which is unusual in the industry.  A high proportion of naturally derived  ingredients – in this case 87%.  Liz Earle No 20 is beautifully packaged, not only the bottle but the box which you don’t want to through away unlike other perfumes.

Liz Earle Number 20 (3)

Despite the pink on the box and the pink packaging, on me, this is not a very rosy fragrance.  The opening pink pepper, bergamot and rose water. It is like a gentle gin fizz nothing overpowering or assertive.  The dry down is extremely quick and you are quickly into the Turkish rose and mandarin. Again this stage is not very dominant on my skin.  Then it is just the woodiness.

Liz Earle Number 20

It shares the pink pepper and bergamot sandalwood and rose from No 15 which is my preferred Liz Earle fragrance.  It is like saying that chocolate cake and Victoria sponge share flour, eggs, sugar and butter. As as with baking, one ingredient can make a huge difference to the final product.   It is not the move from damask  to Turkish rose, but rather that, Liz Earle No 20 feels far less complex.

Liz Earle Number 20

The result means the opening is familiar.  The pink pepper and bergamot combination of spice light and citrus fizz fill the first spritz.  The dry down is very quick.   It does not have silage or longevity on my skin which again is in stark comparison to No 15.  The overall effect for me is pleasant but short lived.  The rose element is fleeting on my skin and not distinctive enough to get any reaction from me than ‘meh’. As a result I really like to wear  this fragrance layered,  My favourite option is a spritz of Crabtree and Evelyn’s Black Absinthe followed by Liz Earle No 20.  The result is surprisingly good!


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