Five from the Highstreet / Drugstore #2 feat Rimmel

Five from the highstreet featuring Maybelline, Max Factor, Collection and Rimmel

The second instalment of Five from the Highstreet / Drugstore series where I feature five products that you can pick up from Superdrug or Boots.

Five from the highstreet 2

*Rimmel Match Perfection (504) in Deep Mocha (£7.99)

Rimmel Perfect Match

Well, this is a surprise!  I was not expecting to like this foundation at all but Match Perfection is pretty good.  The undertone on this colour is PERFECT for me.  It is a touch too light but I can make it work with a deeper powder at the perimeter of my face.  By the time I have done my eyes, lips and cheeks you can’t tell that it is too light. Coverage is medium so I tend so save this for good skin days.  If you try to build it up it just accentuates skin texture / fine lines, especially under the eyes. You will definitely need concealer. It also photographs really well. Despite being SPF 18 there is no chalkiness on the face in pictures. I’m really impressed.

*Collection Precision Contour Stick in Dark (£3.99)

Collection Contour Stick

I love the idea of this but the execution falls short for me in a couple of areas.  Collection are a brand that do not cater for women who are my complexion at all.  Despite being called ‘deep’ this product is slightly lighter than my complexion. It is also quite a warm, almost orange undertone. Contouring should be done with a cool undertone so if you have a light complexion it may work better for you as a bronzer.  Interestingly for me, it works well in my arsenal of colour correctors. I like to use it under my eyes to correct my dark circles.  It has a powdery finish so it blends easily and I can use my complexion product as normal over the top.

Maybelline Color Tattoo (15) Endless Purple (£4.99)

Maybelline Colour Tattoo

YAASSSSSSSS !!!  This is a great cream eye shadow.  The texture is quite similar to a MAC Paint Pot so I tend to use a fluffy brush rather than my fingers or a flat shader brush.  The colour is vibrant and bright with a satin finish but there is no glitter or shimmer which means that it is great on its own or as a base for other eye shadows.  It is very long wearing and it does not crease on my lids provided that I don’t use an emollient eye cream first.  If MAC is out of your budget this is a great alternative and the shade of purple is beautiful.

*Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick 45) Possessed Plum (£6.99)

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

If you think that liquid lipsticks are too drying try this one.  It does not dry down, so it wears like a lipstick.  It will stay on if you eat tea and biscuits but comes off when you eat big food. A lip liner will definitely help increase wear time. I really like the colour, I just wish it were a truer purple.

*Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara (£12.99)

Max Factor Velvet Volume Mascara

This is not the worst mascara… but it is pretty bad, especially considering the price.  If you are looking for a natural lash effect, give it a try. The lack of length and minimal curl mean this product is not worth the effort in my opinion. Oh and the bristles on the brush are super spiky. I’ll pass on this one.

I hope you have enjoyed this instalment of Five from the Highstreet / Drugstore.  If you have any recommendations of products please let me know – I’d love to hear them.

*indicates PR sample.  All products available from Superdrug

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