The Jojoba Company: Jojoba Oil

The Jojoba Company jojoba Oil

There is nothing better than applying a botanical oil to damp skin and hair.  Jojoba Oil from appropriately named Australian Brand , The Jojoba Company is a beautiful oil. I have been applying it liberally for the past few weeks and very much enjoying it.

The Jojoba Company jojoba Oil

The Jojoba Company grow the evergreen Simmondsia chinensis which is native to the dessert of Arizona in New South Wales.  The Jojoba Company say that the farm is carbon neutral, but the product is not organic.  The packaging is gorgeous.  The origami-esque flower on the top of the box makes this product very gift-able.  A pretty box and a glass bottle go far in making a very straightforward product exciting. I also like the pump dispenser.  You don’t get too much product to apply to the face, but you also don’t make a mess.  Thirty millilitres of product of the face is plenty so this product has been used not only on my face, but also my scalp and hair and on occasion as hand cream because it absorbs easily.

The Jojoba Company jojoba Oil

When you remove the product from the box you know that it is a good quality product.  The golden yellow colour is a sign that the oil has not been refined or bleached.  There is a subtle nutty aroma too.  It does not last on the skin but it does verity the cold pressing.  If the smell is not to your liking you could add a couple of drops of essential oils but the aroma does not last on the skin.

The Jojoba Company jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is special among oils.  It has a chemical structure that is significantly different from my beloved avocado oil or other oils like almond and apricot.  Jojoba oil is a liquid wax rather than an oil.  This gives the oil may benefits both on the skin and as a product on your bathroom shelf.  Jojoba oil has increased stability which means that you are unlikely to get the rancid smell that you can get with coconut oil.  It also means that the the product will not turn if left in sunlight, which is lucky as the oil is in a clear glass bottle.

The Jojoba Company jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is occlusive which means that it reduces water loss from the skin.  However, due to the similarity in chemical structure to sebum, you will find that jojoba oil does not clog the pores. It absorbs quickly and is not tacky or sticky on the skin.  Jojoba oil has a moisturising and softening action in the skin so it is great for localised areas of irritation and flakiness.  It also has trace levels of vitamin A, fatty acids and anti oxidants which help to regeneration and renew the skin.  If you are a person who considers that moisturising the skin after a shower or bath means that you have to stand still and naked for five minutes while the oil absorbs, jojoba oil would be a great option.  As the weather gets cooler, your moisturisers get heavier.  An oil is not as sticky an option as you think.

The Jojoba Company Jojoba Oil is available from Holland and Barratt and retails for £12.99


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