Yankee Candles Holiday Party Collection 2016

Yankee Candle Party Pavillion Advent Calender

With Halloween a fortnight away, I feel like it’s ok to start thinking about Christmas or as the Americans say, “holiday”. For the 2016 holiday season, Yankee Candles have released four new fragrances.  There is something for everyone with sweet, floral and spicy releases. There is a strong food theme but most festivities at this time of year are food based.

If you love the bakery type smells, Macaron Treats smell like your favourite French treat. Vanilla and almond goodness with the sugary undertone that Yankee Candles does so well.

Yankee Candles Macaron Treats

For a twist on the traditional Christmas scent, orange is blended with Star Anise.  This spice has a lovely aniseed aroma.  A change from the usual clove or cinnamon spiced that many candles have but still with a Christmas feel.

Yankee Candles Star Anise

Festive Cocktail does not smell like your favourite cocktail in candle form.  Sweetened berries are blended with a festive pine note. It is not as sweet Macaron Treats so it feels a little more grown up. It woudl be perfect to burn during dinner party.

Yankee Candle Festive Cocktail

I’ve saved my favourite for last.  All is Bright is a light feminine citrus with a hint of a white floral and a musky base.  Citrus is my favourite fragrance family so it is no surprise that I like it.  I also like the lightness of the fragrance. As we move into winter with heavier food and stronger scents, having something light to fragrance the room.

Yankee Candles All Is Bright

Candles are always great gifts and Yankee have some great giving options.  There is a snazzy gift box for the medium pillar candles.

Yankee Candle Medium Pillar Gift Box

If you are a fan of an advent calendar, there are two options this year.  They feature seasonal tea lights and a votive in each of the new fragrances for the season.
Yankee Candle Advent Calender

One of the great things about Yankee Candles is that although the fragrances have been developed for Christmas, just find a fragrance you love and burn it all year round!


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