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ekia skincare

Organic French skincare brand Ekia was created by Carine Mundry who has year of experience in the cosmetics industry.  Her acknowledgement that it is not age that defines an anti ageing cream, but skin need is central to the range.

ekia skincare

The second interesting thing about this range is that Dragons blood sap is used across the range.  You will have heard of this ingredient before, probably via Rodial skincare.  Dragons Blood Sap is an anti oxidant power house.  Anti oxidants help to protect the skin by fighting free radicals which can cause a range of skin problems including inflammation, irritation, dullness and ageing.  Anti oxidants work better in conjunction with each other rather than on their own. Ekia have a propriety Chrono-Resist Complex (in the same way that La Mer have their miracle broth) which blends extracts of  beech bud ex (high in peptides) rock samphire (helps reduce water loss from the skin) and others to create amplify the effect of the Dragons Blood.  The brand has also undergone clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the product.

I’ve been using two products from the range for a couple of months now.  Here are my thoughts

Ekia Cleansing Oil

ekia cleansing oil

In the cleansing oil the Dragon’s Blood Sap is combined with anti-inflammatory Andiroba, moisturising Pracaxi, nourishing Brazil Nut and antioxidant-rich Sesame Oils.  The texture is more like a thick gel than and oil. It doe not loosen when applied to the hands.  The directions say to apply it to dry skin.  Apply it either to damp hands, or to a damp face.  This product emulsifies into a thin milk which allows a good amount of facial massage.

This makes a great in shower cleanser.  It is not experiential as other cleansers that I have, so it is not a product I would use at the sink.  It does a good job of removing make up and it does leave the skin clean without being taut. If you don’t like a greasy / oily texture you may enjoy this.  For me, it is a morning cleanse.  You have to squeeze the tube quite hard to get the product out.  If you have dexterity challenges, this will become an issue.   You will still need some power in your wrist to squeeze the product out.

Ekia Eyelid Lifting Serum.

ekia eyelid lifting serum

There are lots of eye creams on the market and most of them say that you should apply the product around the eye on the orbital bone.  Few of them are for use on the lid. The reason we are always told is that the skin is thin and that you don’t want to overload this delicate area with product.  Fine, I get that… but… the area around my orbital bone is fine. What I need help with is my eyelids which are moving around like no ones business when I apply my eyeshdow ( never used to). I want firming and lifting and that is what this product promises.  Dragons blood is blended wtih marine extracts in this serum.  Do I think that it made a difference?  The honest answer is, not sure.  It did not make my eyelids worse and it did not irritate them.  It was cooling on the lids (always a bonus) and a pleasure to use…. But my eyelids still move about when I apply my eyeshadow.  I do think that my eyeshadow stayed on longer when I used this product whether I used a base or not which is not an advertised effect but unlike cream and other gel textures it did not leave my eyelids very greasy.

Overall I enjoyed using the products but for me, something was missing.  I think it is a combination of them being utilitarian rather than experiential.  In addition I did not see significant results on my skin so, although I like products that I have tried… but I don’t love them.

ekia skincare swatches
Ekia Cleansing Oil (left) and Eyelid Lifting Serum (right)

Ekia is available from their website, Holland and Barrett online and Whole Foods stores.  Prices start from £18.99


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