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codage Serum no 1

Codage Paris is a French brand that has it roots in the French Pharmacy tradition. That is to say, it is a brand the focuses on solving skin issues.

That said, Codage Paris is not a French Pharmacy brand.  The focus for this range is bespoke.  The brand calls the active ingredients that work on your skin issue ”nutri-elements”. These “nutri-elements” are  listed on each product and allow you to mix and match according to your skin’s needs which is where the bespoke element comes in.   If you are dehydrated look products with hyaluronic acid which Codage code as H or H+.  If you are looking for actives to protect against pollution and free radicals try Ao (which is an algae extract) or Po (phytic acid from walnuts).

This is made clear in the ‘Decoder’ As a former science student this booklet is right up my street.  It tells you the “nutri-element” what it does for the skin and what it is made from.  This may seem like a bit of a faff, but if you go to a Codage Paris concession eg in Fenwicks the staff will talk you through it.  In addition, the products are logically named so for example the serum for redness contains the “nutri-elements” that deal with redness.

I’ve been using two products from the range and I LOVE them both.

codage Serum no 1

Serum No 1 – Intense Hydration 

Hyaluronic Acid is everywhere but this serum has different weights of hyaluronic acid which means that it can penetrate different layers of the skin which retains moisture within the skin and reduces moisture loss from the skin. In addition collagen synthesis is boosted.  It also contains anti inflammatory and anti oxidant ingredients.  The result is beautifully hydrated skin in a serum that is not sticky or tacky.  I really noticed when I stopped using it.

Codage night cream

Creme de Nuit

This is one of my all time favourite night creams.  Why?  Because I saw an improvement in one night. A full three dimensional effect.  Hydration, firming, clarity and soothing.  It has a very subtle fragrance, not chemical and not floral.  This cream is interesting as it leaves the skin almost dry to the touch.  You don’t look like you have just done a skincare regime.It is eight hours sleep in a jar. You can apply a serum and or face oil underneath it but you really don’t need to.  It is nourishing, hydrating and seems to act on what ever issue your skin is experience.

I am hugely impressed with Codage Paris.  The range is not cheap but the results really are worth it.  You can get some of the products from the range from QVC so look out for easy pays and kits to help reduce the cost.

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