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Jurlique Facial Towels

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The Boutique

Over the past couple of weeks I have had the great pleasure of spending time at the new standalone Jurlique Store in Oxford Street.  The new boutique fronts the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street at the Marble Arch end with the tourists heading for Hyde Park and Notting Hill Gate.  2016 has been an important year for Jurlique.  They are now in Debenhams stores which made them more accessible but for an experiential brand like Jurlique a standalone store was always on the cards.

Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum

This Australian brand has a strong sustainability ethos.  When you say Australian skincare your first thought is probably rosehip oil but Jurlique’s hero product is rose.

Jurlique david austen roses

The boutique contains the full range of Jurlique products including skincare and coffrets so you can really immerse yourself in the Jurlique experience.  The staff are knowedgeable and helpful and you can find products to suit your skin’s needs

Jurlique Citrus Shower Gel

Before last week, I had no idea that Jurlique did facials so I was delighted to find out that they do and even more delighted to be given the opportunity to have a facial there.  In fact I was the first person to have a facial at the London  Jurlique boutique.

The Facial

Jurlique Facial Massage Bed

Did I mention that the shop is on Oxford Street?  The busiest shopping street in London if not the UK? I did? Good, that is important because Oxford Street is a noisy place. Yet, when you go into the back of  the boutique into the treatment area, you would not know it.  You step into a small but perfectly formed space of calm.  Fill out the questionnaire, (with a very nice pen), have a mug of warm peppermint tea and go into the massage room.  You are talked through the consultation sheet, and asked about likes or dislikes.

Jurlique Facial Sink

I asked for a rose-free facial and that is what I got.  Under the fluffy towel, to my delight there was an electric blanket at the perfect temperature waiting for me.  First stage of relaxation completed!  As always I was wearing a full face of slap so that was removed with the Purely Age Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil,   This was followed by the Herbal Recovery Anti Oxidant Cleansing Mousse. Then the good stuff began, lots of massage.  Not the play with your face massage. No, the kind that stimulates the lymph and really moves skin and plumps the face.  There was also steam.  Yes steam, it is optional but why wouldn’t you?  A gentle burst of warm wet heat is great for the skin and a really welcome addition to the spa experience.

Jurlique Facial Towels

As I had asked for a rose free facial, the products used on my skin were from the Herbal Recovery Range.  This range is generally prescribed for the first signs of ageing but the minimal rose, maximum anti oxidants was a winning combination for me. The Daily Exfoliating Cream had a porridge like texture thanks to the oats but as it is not granular so it has a very gentle action on the skin.  Whilst the gel mask was infusing my skin with Vitamin E I enjoyed a lovely arm massage with the jasmine handcream.  The whole experience was finished off with a layer of serum, the brightening day cream a touch of the rose lip balm.  In my Christmas Shopping haze the experience was amazing.  In sixty minutes I had gone from frantic to zen.  My skin retained it glow for five days and I immediately booked another session for January.

Jurlique Rose Oil

Jurlique is one of the first brands that I reviewed on my blog so it has been a real pleasure to rediscover the brand.  The boutique is gorgeous and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.  If you are in Oxford Street, it is worth starting at the Marble Arch end so that you can take a moment to inhale and exhale the beautiful scents from this biodynamically farmed range.  It will fully equip you for the the shopping madness that is ahead.  If like me, you are not a fan or rose scented products, look out for a post in the new year where I guide you through some of Jurlique’s best non-rose products.

Jurlique Signature facial at the Jurlique Boutique costs £65.00


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