Tools of the Trade: Nanshy Brushes

Nanshy Brushes

Nanshy Brushes is a brand that I become familiar with thanks to Nikki Taylor who I stalk follow on Instagram.  Nikki is a beauty insider and has access to a huge amount of brands. Go follow her – you will see what I mean. When I saw Nanshy brushes repeatedly popping up on her feed I had to find out more.

Nanshy Brushes

The Brand

Nanshy is a British beauty brand which focuses on brushes and beauty tools.  I love a brand that do one thing and do it well.  They have a very strong animal welfare ethos and all of the brushes are synthetic.  The brand defines itself as vegan as well as cruelty free.

The wooden handles have a nice weight to them. They are also the perfect length. They are not to long or too short so they fit in most of my makeup bags, but are not minis.  The brush
handles are available in a white or black finish.  I chose the black as I did not want to cover my brushes in brown foundation.  All the Nanshy brushes have a dual fibre effect with the white tips.  Washing is a breeze whether you use a solid or liquid brush cleaner shampoo and the white bristles come up bright white ever time.

Nanshy is an affordable brand but the quality of the brushes is extremely high. I picked up the Masterful collection at IMATS it is a set of 12 and I was kindly gifted the brush holder.

Nanshy Brushes

The Brushes

Angled Detailer

This Angled liner brush  is very thin which makes it perfect for liner.   You can use it with cream or liquid and stamp it close to the lashes.

Blending Eyeshadow Brush

For those days where I am just wearing a wash of colour, this fluffy brush is all I use.  I can apply and bluff out the colour with teh same brush.

Buffed Base R02

This is in my top three Nanshy brushes. Why?  Cos it is so blimin good.  If the Marc Foundation III brush, is too spendy for your budget, this is a great alternative.  It is densely packed with lots and lots of bristles so you can stipple and blend to your hearts content.  You will need to take your time when cleaning it as there are so many bristles but as with the whole range it dries quickly.

Contouring Brush

Similar to the Zoeva Cream Cheek Brush but it is a wider brush with a shallower angle.  For this reason I find it a little to broad for contouring even on my round face.  It’s really nice for bronzing and generally buffing out cream or powder products. It’s a good all rounder.

Crease brush

It is not as tapered as I generally use for my hooded lids, I prefer my crease brushes to be more pointy like the Louise Young ones, but it does a good job of putting the product where you want it. I also like it for blending out the outer v.

Nanshy Brushes

Foundation Brush

Initially I was not sure what I was going to do with this brush as this is not my preferred shape, but actually it is perfect for applying cream contour. On the cheeks, the thin shape gives you a NARS Ita like effect and if like me you have a five head (very large for head) you can sweep the brush back and forth near to the hairline to blend in the deeper shade. More useful than originally thought.

Large Shader Brush

If have hooded eyes so I dont have alot of lid space.  I love to use cream shadows and take them up to orbital bone. This brush is perfect for applying cream shadow and buffing out edges. If you use a kohl pencil as a base for a smokey eye you can blend out the colour with this brush.

Liner Brush

This style of brush is not my favourite for liner.  I prefer to use an angled brush or a push liner.

Lip Brush

I don’t use this brush, not because it isn’t good, but because I don’t use lip brushes.

Pencil Brush

Perfect for smudging the lower and upper lashline and highlighting the inner corner.  With my hooded lids it is also perfect for definition at the crease.

Powder Brush

I love this brush.It is soooo soft, and sooo fluffly and sooo good at applying all kinds of powder.  From a light dusting of a finishing powder to baking if that is your bag this brush does it all.


I thought I was going to love this brush and I am really surprised that I don’t. I cant work out what it is exactly, but I think that it is two fold. One the bristles are quite long compared to other bristle brushes that I have. Secondly the longer white bristles are shorter than other brushes. In combination it just does not give me the finish or coverage that I like.

Nanshy Brushes

Stand Up Brush Holder

The brush holder is made from a wipeable nylon material which is great for makeup brushes because it is easy to clean.  It is four inches in diameter so it is pretty large.  If you travel with it, you can put makeup as well as brushes in it.

Nanshy is a great brush range, there are brushes for all preference but at £50.00 for twelve brushes the value of the Masterful Collection is pretty unbeatable. I don’t use every brush in this set but I do not regret the decision at all. On my wishlist are the flat definer and tapered crease brush.  I’ll be at IMATS next year so no doubt I will be able to pick them up there.

Do you own any Nanshy Brushes?  If you do, let me know which is your favourite in the comments below.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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