#ppleye – The Reality Project

Violet Shimmer Illamasqua WoC Swatch
Nefertiti Juvias Place WoC Swatch
Nefertiti – Juvias Place

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that for the last year I have been posting close up pictures of my eye in different eyeshadows, mascaras, liners that I have in my makeup stash.  I have named this series #ppleye.

 Natural Collection Plum Eyeshadow WoC Swatch
Plum – Natural Collection

This was not a series of posts that I had planned. It was born from a discussion around ‘instagram makeup’ and how what you see on Instagram is rarely reality.  The #ppleye series happened by chance and stuck because I am enjoying. I am also in a very small way making a small statement about / against Instagram.

NARS Daphne WoC Swatch
Daphne – NARS

Instagram is by far  my  favourite  social media channel.  It has lots of makeup for me to drool over. However, many of the makeup pictures are enhanced.  Between, VSCO, Snapseed and the filters on Instagram itself you can make you picture a bigger brighter and better version of the original.  And that’s Android, if you are on IOS there is of course Facetune.

Violet Shimmer Illamasqua WoC Swatch
Violet Shimmer – Illamasqua

Instagram is the home of the over exposed image,  Everything is on a bright white, bright white marble background with a brighT source of light.  Saarf London at 7am is not bright and nothing in my lovely home is a shrine to marble.  A brightened, sharpened image with a large contrast ratio gives you a more attractive image.  The truth however is that it does not necessarily give you a realistic image and if you are taking a recommendation of an eyeshadow based on what I say and the picture that I take – you will be very disappointed.

Stila Smudge Stick Purple Tang WoC Swatch
Purple Tang – Stila

The reality of a pair 44 year old eyes that do not get enough sleep is that:-

a) The whites are not tippex white

b) Sometimes my eyes look a bit bloodshot

c) I don’t wear false lashes daily so my lashes are pretty short and stubby.

d) More often then not I am only wearing one shade of  eye shadow

Safari Brown - Fashion Fair
Safari Brown Fashion Fair

e) I probably don’t blend enough

e) Sometimes my makeup application is not precise

f) Sometimes my winged liner is not even

g) Sometimes I get mascara on my skin.

Paranoia - Urban Decay
Paranoia Urban Decay

Behind my large spectacles frames and the 1200 times that I blink in the day– none of the above matter. People really don’t notice. Do I wish that my makeup application was better? Of course!  Am I still looking lovingly at all the posts with tippex white eyes and and perfect liner? Every day, but my reality is that I do not sit 12 inches from a ring light for 8 hours a day.

Seventeen Purple Eyeshadow (Fail)
Purple – Seventeen. Patchy and uneven on application

All of my  #ppleye pictures are #nofilter and #noflash because I am showing what the product really looks like. Be it a glitter or a matte.  Whether the texture is butter or chalky, you get to see the reality of it. If you like reality, give a picture a like, or better still give it a go yourself.


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