Jurlique: For People Who Don’t Love Rose.

Jurlique For people who dont like Rose

 Jurlique is a brand that I have been spending a lot of time with recently. If you know the brand well, you will know that they grow David Austin roses on their biodynamic farm in Adelaide and that rose is used the majority of their products – the vast majority and with good reason.  Rose is proven to be hydrating and brightening in skincare.  Their Rosewater is their hero product and when you go into store you will be encouraged to have a rose moment.  For me however, this is a problem, as I really am not a fan of rose scented anything.  What is great about Jurlique is that despite their adoration of the rose plant, you can still get good, effective skincare from them that is not primarily rose.  If you are a non rose fan, here are my top three picks from the range.

Jurlique Jasmine Hand Cream

Jasmine Hand Cream

If you love a floral but want to steer clear from rose, I urge you to get up close and personal to Jurlique’s Jasmine range.   The body wash and lotion are gorgeous but the hand cream is the star of thie sub-range.  The hand cream itself is emollient, which is perfect for me with my dry skin but the fragrance is divine. Gracious me, it is warm and feminine but not overly heady and just delicious.  As you gesticulate you will get the fragrance coming back to you and the fragrance stays on the skin for a good 20 minutes. 

Jurlique Citrus Spritz

Citrus Spritz

Oh my blimin goodness.  If you love citrus, you need this in your life.  The citrus range in Jurlique is balancing so it is perfect for my oily combination skin.  The perfect alternative to rosewater, and also available in lavender, if you prefer that fragrance.  I use it for the aroma-therapeutic as well as skincare but the mid afternoon slump in the office – it is perfect.

Jurlique Toner Essence

Toner Essence

It’s all about the hydration. This is an essence not a toner so I just slap it on between every skincare stage, after cleansing, after toner and sometimes between serum and moisturiser.  My five-head (aka forehead) is the area where I most see the results as well as the perimeter of the face.  The texture is a bit sticky but I don’t care because it hydrates… and it does not smell of rose. 

Jurlique For people who dont like Rose

Final Thoughts 

The scent of a product should not be the reason you do or dont use it.  Efficacy should be the primary factor… however, in reality scent makes a difference.  For brands that heavily invest in rose scented skincare (I’m looking at you By Terry!) I understand why you have chosen rose – I really do… but I can deal with the smell, so alternatives within a range are always welcome! 


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