Female-centric fragrance house Valeur Absolue completes the range with Rouge Passion

Valeur Absolue Rouge Passion

Rouge Passion from Valeur Absolue is an important fragrance for the brand for many reasons.   The seventh fragrance in the range it represents completion.  It is also the fragrance that launches the repackaging and the start of a new direction for the brand. You can see the old packaging here

Valeur Absolue Rouge Passion

Valeur Absolue is the brain child of Benedict Foucart who approaches the brand with a winning trifecta.  Having worked in the beauty industry she understands trends and brands.  As a woman she lives the complex and intersected life that all women do.  Thirdly she also knows the benefit of well being be it yoga, hiking or aromachology.  This trifecta has resulted in a brand which can now be found in House of Fraser.  It benefits from being female centric in the advertising.  The brands convey an emotion, a mood, a feeling so there is no need for scantily clad women drooling over a man, or chocolate or dripping in gold.  This is a range designed for women by women.

For Rouge Passion, Valeur Absolue has collaborated with Natalie Feisenbuge.  An experienced female nose who is one of the co-creators of Hermes Eau de Merveilles.  Rouge Passion (Red Passion) is not a fragrance that is about sex… necessarily, it is about passion, for your partner, your friends, your family and for yourself.  It is so refreshing to have a female define through fragrance what passion is.

Valeur Absolue Rouge Passion

The Semi Precious Stones

As with all Valeur Absolue fragrances, semi precious stones and mineral have been added to this fragrance.  Rouge Passion contains garnet stones which are said to enhance sexuality.  It also has magnesium, potassium and extract of Immortelle for an extra boost of well being.

The Fragrance

Rouge Passion is not girly but it is clearly feminine. In perfume speak this fragrance is a floriental.   Champaca, and ylang and ylang but it is a Valeur Absolue floriental which means that it is  the boldest fragrance of the range but it is not bold compared to other fragrances that are florientals.

I love the fact that this fragrance is rose free.  I also love the fact that there is ginger in this fragrance. It is a note that I think fragrance houses don’t use enough and it is beautiful.  Warm, spicy but not gourmand. Champaca is a note I first came across in Champaca Absolute from Tom Ford which is a sweet floral .  The Valeur Absolue treatment of this flower takes it to it’s tropical roots making it warm but not heady.  Rouge Passion takes you to that moment when you receive a hug from someone who loves you.  Warm, intense and special every time.

With Valeur Absolue, it does not matter whether or not you believe the addition of semi precious stones create a feeling a well being. You only need to focus on which of the seven fragrances you like.

Rouge Passion is available from House of Fraser and retails for £59 for 45ml

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