Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection from MAC

Markeup Art Cosmetics Collection

What is going on with MAC? The Makeup Art Cosmetics collection is the second collection in the last six months that had me going to counter and putting down my hard earned coins.  Don’t get me wrong, I like me, but I am not a MAC-aholic.  The Nutcracker Sweet was full of wearable shades in pretty limited edition packaging.  The Makeup Art Cosmetics collection sees MAC collaborating with three pro makeup artists to create products that are editorial yet accessible for the consumer  I picked up two products from two of the artists.

Markeup Art Cosmetics Collection

Overnight Sensation (Paint) from Kabuki £16.00

If you don’t know the work of the makeup artist that the world calls Kabuki, (he was born Richard Ogden in Lancashire).you need to open a new tab in your browser and search for it.  The man has skills, he is up there with Pat McGrath (yes really). Are you back?  Have you been blown away?  OK, I can continue.  I HAD to pick up one of Kabuki’s products frm the Markeuup Art Cosmetics collection and when I saw Overnight Sensation it was all over.  Kabuki has created THE perfect purple shade in MAC’s famous Paint formula. Paints are cream to powder finish for the eyes so you can do a defined or a diffuse look.  Overnight sensantion is a perfect imperial purple shade with lots of blue in it.  Purple perfection.

MAC Overnight Sensation Paint Kabuki Swatch Dark Skin
Overnight Sensation Swatch

Glamorise Me Cream Eyeshadows (Diane Kendal) £36.00

I had no idea who Diane Kendal was before I bought her eyeshadow palette.  So I looked her up and I fell in look.  I beg you to check out her Instagram page.  British born Diane does BEAUTIFUL work..  She can do anything – clean skin, grungy, pretty, edgy, graphic.  All styles, but what really draws you in is what she does with the eyes and the skin.  She manages to make the women she paints look perfect, but in a realistic way – not a cake face way.  After salivating over her work I had to get the Glamorise Me palette.  First of all, I am a fan of a cream eyeshadow.

Markeup Art Cosmetics Collection

Call me strange but there is something very beautiful about having a slightly glossy lid.  Secondly the shade selection.  Diane chose the most beautiful complimentary shades.  There is not one dud in the palette.  The shades are pigmented, the texture is slightly stiff (not as stiff as a Paint Pot) and if you apply then over a powder…. yes you read that correctly, over a powder….. they last on the lids all day.  Blend them to create your own bespoke shade or as a base for makeup.  This palette is brilliant

MAC Diane Kendall Glamorize Me Swatches
Glamorize Me Swatches

The Makeup Art Cosmetics collection has got me excited not only about makeup, but about MAC again.

If you picked up anything from this collection, let me know in the comments below 


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