Two Scents from Byredo: Mojave Ghost and Heliotrope

Byredo Mojave Ghost and Heliotropia

Byredo Mojave Ghost and Heliotropia

Scandi fragance house Byredo is a niche fragrance brand that has cross over appeal.  Not only does the packaging ooze Scandi chic, the fragrances themselves have a ‘clean’  element, even with beastly notes like ouds and leathers.  They have a real lifestyle aesthetic and it is one of the brands that if I were to consider collecting a whole range, that I would choose.  In my beauty stash I found samples of Mojave Ghost (which is a 2014 launch) and Heliotropia (which launched last year).  Neither was a fragrance that was on my wishlist, but having the samples means that I had a chance to live with them.

Byredo Mojave Ghost and Heliotropia

Mojave Ghost

If you are a fan of ‘laundry’ ‘cotton’ and ‘clean’ type scents you need to try Mojave Ghost.  If you like Maison Kirkdjan Aqua Universalis or Philosophy Pure Grace, pass by your  nearest counter and have a spritz.   A Mojave Ghost is a dessert flower was expecting something enticing.  This is a clean light floral with  slight powderyness and a generous helping of clean (white) musk (although musk does not feature in the notes).


Don’t be mistaken, this is a gender free scent.  On the Mr, it is more clean cotton and on me, it is a  pretty skin scent that I could wear everyday.  After not very long it ends up being a clean musk scent on me.  I like cleans musks, they are great for the office and running errands, but my personal taste leans more interesting/ special. Also, to be perfectly honest, this does not smell niche fragrance for me.  Clean musks with a hint of floral scents are definitely dupeable at a more  ‘affordable’ price point.  I am glad to have the 12 ml sample and I will use it all up but I won’t be purchasing the full size. It just does not excite me enough.

Byredo Mojave Ghost and Heliotropia


When I first smelt Heliotropia I did not like it.  There was something slightly acrid and I was not a fan.  Fragance constantly reminds me not to make snap judgements.  After the initial burst of not very palateable, it softens into something that is ‘quite’ nice.  Then before I know it, I think it is delicious and I am addicted to smelling my arm.


First out of the gate is a  honeysuckle type note (it’s actually gardenia but anyway) – so far so good.  Then we get jasmine in true prima donna fashion pushing everyone out of the way.  Whilst jasmine is doing her thing, the beautiful heliotrope is mingling with the other ingredients.  When jasmine runs out of steam, heliotrope is there in deep converation with the woody notes.  I love this fragrance – everything that happens in the first ten minutes is forgiven. It stays on my skin for more than eight hours which is always a good thing. I feel special and a little bit powerful when I wear it. Incidentily, heliotropes are purple flowers!


Let me know your favourite Byredo fragrance..  Is Mojave Ghost your signature scent?  Read more of my fragrance reviews here and here. Follow me on Instagram for mini beauty news and reviews.


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