Surviving Hayfever Season with Aromatherapy Associates

Surviving Hayfever Season with Aromatherapy Associates

This year my hayfever started early.  Two products from Aromatherapy Associates are really making my mornings easier.  They are products that I have used in one form or another previously, but in combination it is really helping me to start the morning with a bit of a pep in my step.

Surviving Hayfever Season with Aromatherapy Associates

Revive Morning Rollerball (£16.00)

The grapefruit, rosemary and juniper blend is the first thing that passes my nose in the morning.   I soak a flannel in hot water squeeze it out and place it over my face.  After a couple of minutes the congestion has cleared and I take a sniff of my wrist.  The glorious blend of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper manages to cut through some not all of my early morning bogeys.  It also put’s me in a better mood considering the lack of sleep that I have just experienced. Herby and citrussy, it is good vibes in a bottle.  By the time I’ve done my morning ablutions and eaten breakfast and I feeling much better, Even if my eyes nose and throat are still itchy my mood is better which is so important when you know you are going to be coughing and spluttering your way through the day.  I carry the rollerball with me during the course of the day for top up the good vibes during the day.

Surviving Hayfever Season with Aromatherapy Associates

Hydrating Moisturising Lip Balm (£16.00)

As a result of the coughing and spluttering and breathing through my nose, my lips are always parched.  The Hydrating Moisturising Lip Balm with all the nourishing and moisturising oils bring my lips back to life. I also use it around my nose cos the constant nose blowing is no fun.  The castor seed oil and shea butter base make for quite a stiff formula but the beeswax, cocoa butter jojoba oils ensure that it melts with the warmth of the skin that it is applied to.  There is a touch of ginger in the blend but currently all I get is a gentle whiff of cocoa butter.

I have to mention the packaging, which is completely underwhelming. There is no branding on the lid or the jar and to be frank it is very disappointing.  If it was not for the fact that it came in a sealed box, I would not be convinced that the product is from Aromatherapy Associates.

Tree pollen is the devil, grass pollen is just as bad if not worse and I’m sure that London’s poor air quality is not helping either.  If you are suffering from hayfever too, this combination from Aromatherapy Associates might help.

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