Bright Affordable and Pigmented – NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette (USP04)

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

Hi, my name is Jo and I have a thing for bold eyeshadow palettes.  The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights is the third bright eyesahdow palette that I  have reviewed in the past six months.  The Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette was released at the end of last year.  Smashbox collaborated with beauty influencer Shay Mitchell to create seven Covershot palettes of which the Bold palette is my favouite  I love them both –  but clearly I need MORE!

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

Trends in eyeshadow palettes come and go. The neutral palette remains king for it’s wearability.  The ‘warm‘ palettes with their orange and cranberry shades are currently in vogue and I like them too. However, I cannot resit are bold pigmented colours that make a statement in the palette and on the eyes.  With my rich skintone I can wear most colours on the eyes and the bright red and pink tones from the NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette can double up as blush colours.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

NYX have really carved out a place for themselves on the UK high street. Not only with the range of products but for me as a colour lover the range of products in bright colours.  Can you imagine L’Oreal or Maybelline coming out with a palette like this?  No, me either.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights

The Textures

This palette has sixteen shades in three textures.  NYX have defined 3 shades as pressed pigments.  If counting from left to right in the top left corner it is shades 2, 3, and 6.  The other eyeshadows are a mixture of mattes and satins with 3 shades that have visible reflex (1, 11 and 13).  When swatched with a finger the pressed pigments are slightly drier then the other shades. When applied to the lid with a brush, they all apply equally well.  the colours truly are bright and they blend beautifully.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights Swatches Dark Skin

The Colours

You get all the colours of  the rainbow. They yellow and green shades are better than those in the Full Spectrum palette  (yes really).  They go onto the lid easier and blend out smoothly.  The pans are tiny and there is some kick back with the product.  As a result you need to be careful not to get your blue eye shadow into your eg green pan.  The colour that you see on the lid is the colour that got in the pan.  There is a high level of pigment in the shadow you can create custom shades from the colours that you have.    I would definitely recommend using an eyelid primer.  You don’t need a white one to intensify the colour but it well help with even application across the lid.

NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Brights Swatches Dark Skin

If you love bright shadows or want to try them out this is a great palette option.  Each shadow is approximately three quarters of a gram.  The affordable price ensures that you can repurchase should you get through your favourite shade in a hurry.  There is really is nothing not to like about this palette.  If you local Boots sells NYX it is worth a swatch, you will not be disappointed!

I am an eyeshadow fanatic so you can find more of my eyeshadow palette reviews here and here. Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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