Illuminating Fragrance: Rituals Private Collection Black Candles

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles

Rituals Private Collection Black candles have always intrigued me. The black glass jar and blackened purple wax have a decadent luxurious  feels more Tom Ford than Rituals.  Rituals is a brand I associate with freshness and a lighter brighter aesthetic.  The Private Collection is the opposite of that.

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles

There are four scents in the Private Collection Black candle range and the truth is that I could not decide which to dip into.  Luckily Rituals have a set of mini Private Collection Candles which means that I have had a chance to really get to know the fragrances and decide which if any are worth the full sized purchase

Black Oudh

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles - Black Oud

Rituals say…

The deep oriental notes of oudh combine beautifully with rich spices and powdery patchouli creating a perfume with a distrinctive character let the mysterious layers o this exclusive fragrance whisper to your soul and put your mind at ease.

I say…

It is woody and deep and is very slightly animalic which recently I have been more and more drawn to.  This is not a linear fragrance, as it burns, it changes, the spiciness seem to come and go.  It is not overpowering and it provides a warm but subtle ambience. I don’t get any powder notes and nothing green but I really enjoy it.  Of the four it is the one that I burn the most.

Would I purchase the large size?  Definitely.

Woody Vanilla

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles - Woody Vanilla

Rituals say…

An elusive and refined fragrance composed of beautiful orchid notes that evolve into an intene oriental vanilla heart.  A touch of warm spices distinguished woody smoky accents and the softness of sandalwood make this perfume an unforgetable experience

I say…

This is by far the smoothest of the four candles thank to the vanilla. There is something almost chocolaty about the scent. If you like a gourmand, but don’t want your house to smell like food, this is a good option.  In my opinion, this is the most accessible of the four. Between the chocolate and the gentle honey, if you are looking to step away from citrus and get into  of them thanks to the vanilla, something almost chocolatey about it.  Most accessible of the four, sweet, warm almost honey fragrance.

Would I purchase the large one? Yes


Rituals Private Collection Black Candles - Incense

Rituals say …

Oriental spices wrap themselves around the seductive facets of incense and slowly descend on a sweet base of smooth sandalwood and golden amber.  A rich  and precious perfume permeates the air and fills your home wiht embracing warmth

I say…

This smells like a combination of high church and Christmas. For me, this is a formal smell because when I attended church as a child it was a formal occasion and in a way so was Christmas.  There is a subtle spiciness but this is not an every day or seasonal fragrance.  It is a high days and holidays fragrance

Would I purchase the big size?  Hmmm, not sure. I don’t really decorate my home at Christmas as I spend it with family but if I were doing a big shin-dig at my place, this is what would be burning

Holy Smoke

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles - Holy Smoke

Rituals say…

A warm and familiar fragrance reminiscent of dry wood hissing and crackling in an open fire on ta crisp all evening.  dark leather accords combined with smoky woods, are  pleasently subdued by a xxx of floral notes and precious musk

I say…


I love the smell of rosewood so I had high hope for this fragrance. However, I am not good with smoky fragrances.  Remember The Smell of Weather Turning? When I burn this candle it makes me short of breath, in an asthmatic way – not a good way.  When I first light the candle and for the first five minutes or so, I’m fine, but after that I’m struggling to breathe.

Would I purchase the large one?  Nope. This is too smoky for me.

Rituals Private Collection Black Candles

Each Rituals Private Collection Black Candles is 70 grams in weight. The giftset is 280 grams in total and the set comes in at the same price as a full sized candle (£29.50) which is 360 grams.  It is better value to buy the a larger size candle.  The set gives you the benefit of working out which candle you like before you buy.  Burning all four candles together  will give you olfactory overload..  These candles throw fragrance beautifully and have a beautiful aesthetic. If you love your candles and are more interested in the scent and aesthetic than the brand name, you need to investigate .

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