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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the first UK standalone Decléor store.  For me it was a privilege as a blogger as well as a consumer as Decléor is a brand that is really close to my heart.  The first ‘micellar water’ that I ever used was from Decléor.  It was before micellar waters were popular.  Then it was called Cleansing Water.  My body product of choice was Tonilastil (now Sculpt) the oil and when I could afford the splurge the balm.  Fun fact, my Gel Prolagene post is the most review on my blog.

My Deléor Initiation

Source: Decleor UK

Nearly 20 years ago, when the brand was still retailed in Selfridges, I was introduced to Decléor by my sister.  At the time my skin was a mess. I had dry patches that would not go away, a very dehydrated forehead and was getting regular pimples.

My Decléor routine started with the Cleansing Cream (discontinued) Toner, and Angelique (now Marjolaine) aromessence and balm.  I was Phytopeel-ing (exfoliating) twice a week and using Gel Prolagene mixed with Hydrofloral moisturiser.


Improving Skin

When my skin improved, I started using Neroli (now Neroli Amara) balm and aromessence.  I had a period of time using the Aroma White C+ range (now Hydrafloral White Petal) but the wash off cleanser was the only product that I stuck with.  As the years when by, I moved onto Experience De L’Age (now Mandarine).  Most recently Excellence De L’Age (now Magnolia).  My stockpile was such that I was using some of these now discontinued formulas only last year!

I don’t think that there is any other skincare brand where I can chart the progress of my skin to this extent.  As a blogger I try a lot of products but there is always a Decléor product in my bathroom or in my backup cupboard.

The Boutique

Source : Decleor UK

187 Wesbourne Grove has been the UK head office to the brand for over 20 years. The boutique is beautiful and feels like Decléor from the moment you step over the threshold.  On the ground floor is the retail element.  You are literally surrounded by product for men, for face and body.  There is a sensorial spa bar where you can have a 15 minute massage for £15 that targets a specific area of the face – either

  • Eyes and Brows
  • Jaw and Cheek Contour or
  • New and Jaw Sculpt.

Better still you can have the massage recorded and sent to you so that you can follow the movements at home to keep up the effect on the skin!

Source: Decleor UK

On the lower ground floor there are two treatment rooms where full face and body treatments are carried out.


Mini Facial and NEW Decléor Routine

At the launch I had the opportunity to have a mini facial with fabulous Flavio who is part of the management team at the boutique.  When he asked me which products from the range I was using I reeled off most of the discontinued/reformulated products I mentioned above above.  I can only imagine that he was shaking his head in despair whilst massaging my chubby face!  Anyway, he created a new Decléor routine for me.

  • Cleanser: Micellar Oil
  • Toner: Essential Tonifying Lotion /Youth Lotion
  • Aromessence: (and night balm): Magnolia / Neroli Amara
  • Moisturiser: Orexcellence Youthful Cream
  • Treatment: Hydrafloral White Petals Skin Perfecting Sleep Mask

Suffice to say I am very excited to have my new and improved routine.  I am even more excited to go back to the Decleor boutique for a full facial.

You can read more Decleor reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.



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