Green People Celebrate 20 years with two fragances

Green People 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Ranges

Green People are celebrating 20 years this year.  In a saturated beauty industry it i no mean feat – even more so for a brand that focuses on being natural with a high proportion of organic ingredients.  They were a green beauty brand before it was trendy and have worked with the soil association in creating standards and ensuring that other brands maintain them.  As well as skincare for face and body there is a children’s range, toothpaste sun care and makeup. I have been vocal about the fact that many ‘natural brands’ don’t cater for women of colour in terms of complexion products and Green People definitely fits that position.   I find their lotions to be light and I generally prefer a more emollient product What they do well however is facial oils.

Green People 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Ranges

For the 20th anniversary Green People have launched two new limited edition fragrance ranges.  In their Damask Rose range, there is a cream cleanser, moisturiser and handcream.  In the orange blossom is a cleanser , exfoliator and moisturiser.  The rose range has been formulated for normal to dry skins.   Orange blossom has been formulated for brightening but the textures are light so you can mix and match.

Orange Blossom Exfoliator £15.00

Green People Orange Blossom Exfoliato Orange Blossom is my all time favourite fragrance in perfume so it was a no brainer that I would love it in a produt.  The fragrance is intense so if you are sensitive to fragrance this is not a product for you.

I no longer use physical exfoliators on my face with the exception of the Antonia Burrell Luminous Light face polish.  The green people exfoliator is a physical scrub.  It has bamboo and apricot kernals.  Do you remember St Ives Apricot Scrub? i do and I remember the detrimental effect it had on my skin and the years that it took to get it back on track. I was nervous about using it.  Rightfully so. It is a little scratchy.  My favourite way to use this product is to mix is with a balm or cream cleanser.  The texture of this is like a milk so it is easy to mix with other things. On the packaging it says it is suitable for people with Psoriasis.

Damask Rose Hand Cream £15.00

Green People Rose Damask Hand Cream

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am not a fan of rose scented products.  I am however a huge fan of hand cream. So I used this product exclusively for a week before passing it to my rose obsessed sister.  The fragrance is intense and authentic. Floral with a touch a green and the tiniest hint of camphor.  If you like a genuine rose scent., you will love it.

I love the packaging on this, a sleek tube with an airless pump.  The lotion is water based but don’t let that fool you. A full pump on my dry hands reveals a richer texture that I anticipated that dealt with harsh soap and hard water easily without being greasy.  I REALLY wish they had done this in the Orange Blossom fragrance as it is a great hand-cream for my 9 – 5 office environment.

This launch has made me really want to investigate the Green People band more.  However, they have a colour cosmetics range but like many ‘green’ brands they fail to cater for deeper skin-tones which as you know I consider to be both lazy and unacceptable.  With so many other brands which have an inclusive range I will be investigating for now.


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