Sixty Seconds with…Le Petit Olivier Shower Crème

Le Petit Olivier Orange Blossom Shower Gel

It has been years since I have done a sixty second review but the Le Petit Olivier Orange Blossom Shower Cream deserves more than a quick mention in Instagram.  If you have read any of my fragrance posts you will know that I am obsessed with neroli / orange blossom.  It is my favourite scent and has been for may decades. Not all orange blossom fragrances are created equally so when I find a good one, I have to talk about it.

Le Petit Olivier  Orange Blossom Shower Gel

The Brand

This product is my first experience of Le Petit Olivier and unless I make a trip to a pharmacy in Paris it may be my last.  Le Petit Olivier was created in 1996 and has a very strong social and environmental sustainability ethic.  They have a full range of facial skincare, hair products, soaps and shower gels (no body lotions). If you are familiar with Yves Rocher, this range feels similar


The Showergel

The Orange Blossom Showergel was the only Let Petit Olivier product in my local independent pharmacy.  At 8.99 for 500ml  it is good value for the quality of product that you get.  The reason that I bought this product was for the scent.  It is orange blossom which a liberal dose of petitgrain, which I like. It is a fresh unisex scent which is great for morning ablutions. The scent does not linger on the skin which is disappointing but the bathroom is filled with orangey deliciousness.    It foams up nicely with a body mop or exfoliating shower glove.  Does not leave my skin super dry but it is a bit dry and as always I follow up with a body oil or moisturiser. If there is a pharmacy near you that has any products from this range, based on my limited experience, I would say they are worth investigating further.

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