Talon Tales: Ciate – London Baby

There are glitter polishes, and then there are holographic glitter polishes.  London Baby from Ciate is the later.  Having recently gorged on hour and hours of Simply Nailogical, I feel confident in stating that London Baby is a holographic glitter polish.  Why?  Because each glitter particle goes through the colours of the rainbow in the light.  Who doesn’t love a rainbow?  Especially when it is on your nails.

Ciate London Baby London Baby had been sitting at the bottom of my nail stash for some time.  Inspired  by my nail-strengthner-free nail growth and Christine from Simply Nailogical I went digging for exciting nail stuff and London Baby is what I found.

Ciate London Baby

The best way to wear this in my opinion is over a black nail polish. My current black nail colour of choice is  the black Gelley from Barry M (Black Forest).  It is almost opaque in one coat.  I do two just for good measure.  From the pictures however you can see that it applies beautifully over any saturated shade.

Ciate London Baby

Final Thoughts

As with the majority of glitter polishes London Baby is textured so a healthy coating of Seche Vite is always helpful.  My nails on my hands  stay in pretty good shape for about five days. On my feet it is two weeks and counting.  Removal is a real  pain in the butt as with most glitters  but London Baby is so pretty it is worth it.   I am on the search for a good peel off base coat so I can just peel it off otherwise I am left with the remnants of glitter on my nails for a day or two.

Ciate London Baby

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