Pat McGrath changes the lipstick game with MatteTrance

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Vicious Venon

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Vicious Venom

Of course I got the MatteTrance lipsticks.  I love Pat McGrath.  Her artistry is unsurpassed (in my opinion) in makeup.  The fact that she waited, and waited, and waited before coming forward with her first makeup product speaks volumes about launching a product when the time is right.  The MatteTrance lipsticks are not her first venture in the lips arena but they are my first purchase.    As much as I love Pat, I was not ‘feeling’ the glitter lips.  The matte lips, yes, I am all about that.  As with all things.  Pat McGraths take on a matte lipstick is different from anything else on the market.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Vicious Venon


I have always preferred a traditional lipstick to a lip gloss or a liquid lipstick.  I am also a fan of a weighty  lipstick .  It is the product that I reapply the most so the purse factor is important to me.  The MatteTrance lippies are housed in  a black lacquered casing that screams opulence.  There are the gold lips protruding from the case and unlike other brands the gold accent is on both parts of the liptstick case..  The piece de résistance is the fact that you can raise the bullet from the packaging in two ways.  Either by rotating the bottom of the bullet which makes that lipstick rotate in the usual way.  Alternatively rotate the gold part and the lipstick will rise from the packaging complete straight so that you can apply your lipstick and  have the gold lips facing forward.  LOVE IT.  The mechanism is soo smooth, they are also sturdy so they can withstand a full and heavy makeup bag.  It just makes you want to whip it out of your back at every opportunity.

The Colours

I bought the Vicious Venoms (initially).  I am all about the purple shades so it was a no brainer

Pat McGrath MatteTrance McMenemy

  • McMenemy – This is a deep burgundy which a hefty does of brown in it which means that in some lights and in some photos, it looks like a brown lipstick but the reality is that it is burgundy.  Deep and delicious

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Deep Void

  • Deep Void – blackened purple   Think of an aubergine from the supermarket, make it matte.  That is the colour of this lipstick.   It does not register as black on the skin it definitely ampy purple and it is beautiful

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Antidote

  • Antidote – from the pictures I thought (hoped and prayed) that this was going to be a true purple.  Sadly it is more on the pink side but you know what  – it’s ok.  I can make it work.

The Texture

The texture of the MatteTrance lipsticks isunlike any other lipstick I have tried.  Get up close to it and it looks like velvet.  The colour is almost like that of coloured frosted glass.  On the lips, it glides on in the thinnest lightest layer which feels weightless on the lips and provides full opacity in one swipe.  The formula of these lipsticks is silicone heavy which accounts for the lightness on the skin and the high level of pigment that is deposited.  The colour is not dead matte, not flat matte but probably most accurately described as demi matte.  There is no shine or sheen but it is not completely flat.  Deep Void needs slightly more work on application than the other two but the rich colour makes it worth it.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance  McMenemy

Staying Power.

I can get through tea, biscuits and pizza in one sitting and the colour stays on.  Bear in mind that I eat like a hog and not a lady so this is mean feat.  It comes off when you take it off.  You may wish to add a lip liner for neatness but it is not necessary.  If you are going for full glamour lip brush is probably a better option than straight from the bullet.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance  Deep Void

Piece of Advice

Exfoliate your lips before using MatteTrance lipsticks .   Not only does it mean that you will get smoother application.  It also shows off the colour to their best effect if you do.

Pat McGrath MatteTrance  Antidote lipstick


Since first getting Vicious Venom, I have also picked up Elson the true red shade and Flesh 3 the deepest nude tone.  Both of them  are amazing.  If you can get your hands on them do.  They are definitely worth the coins!


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