Six Latina Owned Cosmetics Brands

Latina Beauty Brands

In the UK the ‘Latina’ demographic is not as prevalent as in America. As a Londoner I regularly see and hear the Spanish and Portuguese conversations of these communities in my local area. Latinas are women who have an association (including cultural)  with the countries of Latin America

  • Mexico,
  • Costa Rica
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Belize
  • Chile,
  • Nicaragua
  • El Salvador
  • Panama
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • French Guiana, 
  • Guyana
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Surinameand 
  • Venezuela

Latina Beauty Brands

When you think of a Latina, an image of J Lo or Shakira may jump into your mind. Latinas are a heterogeneous group of skin tones and skin types.  Tatiana Ali (Ashley from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air) and Joan Smalls (Supermodel) are Latinas.  I was not sure that my makeup collection contained any Latina owned products.  After doing a bit of research, I found out that I DO!!!!  I was happily surprised to find that there are six Latina brands in my current collection.

Latina Beauty Brand - Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is the makeup tool that changed the game for many.  The most imitated beauty tool ever it is available in a range of colours and sizes for different parts of the body. Rea Ann Silva is the celebrity makeup artist behind the product created the product in response to working in High Definition TV.  Launched in 2003 and make up artists and enthusiasts have been bouncing this sponge on their face ever since.

Latina Beauty Brand - Besame Besame 

If you are a fan of the vintage aesthetic, especially from the 1940’s and 1950’s you will be all over Besame.  Besame (Spanish for kiss me) are best known for their lipstick shades which replicate colours that were available in the past and are a must for red lipstick fans. Created by Gabriela Hernadez  a cosmetic historian  and the brand’s attention to detail may well be the reason that the collaoraiton to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs came about.  Check out my review of the Besame lipsticks here.

Latina Beauty Brand - Dose of Colours

Dose of Colours

Anna Petrosian created of  Dose of Colours started as a makeup artist with an Instagram and developed a brand know for it’s colour.  Another palette that is on my wishlist is Marvellous Mauve.  There are also more purple lip colours from her range that I NEED.  An independent, vegan and cruelty free brand what’s not to like?

 Latina Beauty Brand - Kat Von D

Kat von D

If you say Latina, does the image of a J-Lo lookalike pop into your mind?  Kat Von D physically does not resemble J Lo and again as with the all ethnic minorities, we don’t all look the same.  Kat is all about pigmented colour so no surprise I am a fan of her colours.  Now available in Debenhams it is easier to get hold of her range, but I am craving Roxy Lipstick and lipliner which are not available in the UK yet..  I’m also kicking myself for not getting the Serpentina and Metal Matte palettes from Sephora (the US website) when they were released last year.

 Latina Beauty Brand - Melt


Created by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar went from working on makeup counters to creating a makeup range.  I jumped on the Melt Bandwagon early – you can read my review here.  I will always know and love this brand for their lip colours.  The brand has branched out into eyeshadows and now highlighters.  They still don’t have a UK stockist but the shipping and customs bill is worth it for the high quality high pigmentation products that you receive. 

Latina Beauty Brand - Sigma Sigma

There was a time when Sigma brushes were all anyone ever talked about.  Simone Oliveira Xavier created the brush brand that many indie brush brands emulate.  There was the whole hoo haa about the range ‘imitating’ MAC brushes but the price and quality of Sigma brushes stands on it’s own.  The range continues to grow and expand and they have a colour cosmetics range now but the core of the range will always be the brushes.  

I love trying new products and I will continue to support as many minority owned cosmetics brands as possible.    Unsurprisingly these are all American brands so if you know of a UK based Latina brand, please let me know.

Read more minority owned makeup reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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