By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder (Mocha Fizz)

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

I picked up the Compact Expert Dual Powder recently and I love it. I first became familiar with the ‘Expert’ range from by Terry Last year through the Light Expert foundation.  The range is growing and I seem to be picking up everything that is launched.  The Compact Expert Dual  Powder is one of the latest and most attractive parts of the range.  I am a big fan of the By Terry powder formulation.  They are not as dry or a drying as other formulas I have used and they are good at setting both liquid and cream formula base products.  Whether it is the loose powder or a pressed formula I am a fan.

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

On the Skin

The inner section in Mocha Fizz is an iridescent bronze with a hint of peach tone which on me is a highlight.  A fantastic glow from within effect.  You can build it up a little but this is not a glow for the gawds effect. It is not too gold or too bronze on my skin so the effect is quite subtle which makes it perfect for work makeup where a toned down highlight works well.  The outer ring is a light (compared to my skin tone) brown powder which I use to set the centre of my face. It is similar to a shade in the Sun Designer Palette and whilst this is not a product to bake with,  it does set under eye concealer well. I also use it as a wash of colour on the lids if I have not had time to play in eyeshadow and I often use it to buff out harsh lines in my eyeshadow looks too.

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

The Packaging

Reviews of this product from in the main people who don’t own it also say that the format within the compact is terrible. You have two sections which are two different colours and textures.  Both sections of the powder are separated by a plastic divider.  The nay-sayers will tell you that the plastic divider means that you can’t pick up the product easily.  Little do they know that this issue is easily solved by using the right sized and shaped brush. If you want to get a large kabuki and swirl the product across both shades, this is not the product for you.  If like me you are a fan of a tulip shaped brush and have them in in different sizes for the face, you will be able to work with this product very easily.  I use my Callenberry or Inglot brushes in the centre potion for highlighting and my MAC 138 or Bdellium Tools in the out section for mattifying.  The Compact Expert compact is not weighty like the  blushers which to be honest I was a little disappointed by.  The purse factor of Beach Bomb is out of this world.  However, Compact Expert is a touch up powder so the lighter compact works work in the makeup back. I did drop it from a great height (sink) onto a tile floor and it did not break so it is great for touch ups. I really like this powder and I have been using it regularly.

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder

Final thoughts

The Compact Expert powders are available in a variety of shades (8) so you will be able to find something for your skin tone.  Some are more pink, other peachier, and depending on your skin tone they will be more for highlighting or bronzing. The Compact Expert powder is expensive.  You only get 5 grams of product where most other brand on the market are giving you seven or eight.   If you like this brand, you will enjoy this product.

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