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Yesterday I got introduced to Scent Addict – a fragrance subscription service from The Fragrance Shop.  The concept is not a new one.  In the US, Scent Bird runs in the same way and they have a fragrance library of over  500 fragrances.  The regulations assoicated with sending scent internationally are strict however so a UK version is very welcome and long overdue.


How Does #scentaddict Work?

You choose a fragrance for their list of 260 (currently) that you want to try for the month, you complete the form online and within 2 weeks your 8ml sample (approximately 100 sprays) is sent.  Based on three sprit daily your sample should last a month. The following month you repeat the proess.  You pay £12 and there is no additional post and packaging cost.  There is no contract so you can dip in and out as you please. You get a voucher with each refill.  It is important to keep a hold of this becuase if you decide that you love the fragrance, and you want to purchase the full size, you get £12 off the size of the largest sized bottle either online or in store which in many cases will be 100ml.

Now, if 8ml will last you 1 month 100ml will last you a year and where is where I think that #scentaddict have fallen down.  If… and it is a big if, a person were to buy 100ml of each of the fragrances that they purchased, that would be 12 years worth of fragrance.  Now, I have a pretty healthy fragrance collection, but I have bottles that range from 30ml to 100ml and bigger and that is what makes my collection so cool.  Sometimes you only need a small bottle of a fragrance because although you want it, you it not your every month or even every season fragrance.


Who Is It For?

If you love your high street brands and are just starting your perfume collection you will love #scentaddict.  If you buy fragrance as gifts and are not sure whether a person will like a fragrance, this would be a great way to try before you buy.  If your local department store is not close to home or physically you find it difficult to get to the shops again this will be for you.  It is for you if you want to try the flankers of a fragrance before you buy – eg you love Marc Jacobs Daisy and you want to try all the iterations of it.


The #scentaddict Fragrance Library

The majority of the fragrances are designer / celebrity, for example, Gabrielle from Chanel, Decadence from Marc Jacob, Scandal from Jean Paul Gautier, Because of you from Armani and the like.  They have fragrances for men and women and the range is growing all the time.  They have a pretty good selection of Tom Ford including a couple from the private blend range.

  • Tom Ford – Neroli Portofino (Private Blend)
  • Tom Ford – White Patchouli
  • Tom Ford – Tom Ford
  • Tom Ford – Orchid Soleil
  • Tom Ford – Mandarino De Amalfi Acqua (Private Blend)
  • Tom Ford – Velvet Orchid
  • Tom ford – Noir for Men
  • Tom Ford – Noir for Men Extreme
  • Tom Ford – Grey Vetiver
  • Tom Ford – Black Orchid

After looking through each of the 259 fragrances here  are some of my #scentaddict fragrance picks

  • Armani – Eau de Cedre
  • Chanel – Bleu de Chanel
  • Dolce Gabanna – Light Blue Intense
  • Mugler – Amen Pure Havanne
  • Salvatore Ferragamo – Uomo


Is It For Me?

I love fragrance and have been developing the independent and niche element of my collection.  Currently, The Fragrance Shop does not have a wide selection of niche fragrances within it’s #scentaddict offer.  It is understandable – the brand has to agree to having it’s product decanted and then the possibility of having a full size of the product sold at a discount.  It is not a retail model that every band will want to take part in. However, I do feel that there is an opportunity to develop this element of their business. The Fragrance Shop sells some interesting brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Escentric Molecule, Hermes, Juliette Has a Gun and Penhaligons, that I really wish were part of the #scentaddict offer.  Hopefully these brands will come on board in the future.  Initially I thought that #scentaddict was not for me, but having spent alot of time reviewing the fragrances they have on offer, there are several that I would be interested in getting an 8ml decant of.  So will I be subscribing? Yes, for a few months.  There are some fragrances that I am keen to try and I have my fingers crossed that more brand and fragrances will come on board soon.


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