Liberty Advent Calendar 2017

Liberty Advent Calender 2017

I bought three advent calendars last year, and whilst I enjoyed them all, I said that I was a bit gutted to have missed out on the Liberty Advent Calendar.  Welp, this year, I put October 25th in my diary and made my order at 6.30am. I did click and collect thinking that I could pick it up the next day or a couple of days later.  Sadly, I had to wait five days before it was delivered to the warehouse but to be honest it was worth the wait.

Liberty Advent Calender 2017

I am not going to go through the contexts of the calendar in detail.  There are other blog posts that do that.  Wat I am going to talk about is the value, what is good about it and whether I would do it again.

Liberty Advent Calender 2017


The Liberty Advent Calendar is a whopper.  The size as impressive as are the contents as is the construction.  This is not a flimsy box.  It is sturdy – I dropped it twice and nothing came apart.  The Body Shop calendar from last year was also sturdy.  The M&S one… was not.  It you have the space to display it , go ahead.  I plan to repurpose it for beauty bits.  The inside print does not scream Christmas so by covering over the front and the back with some purple (obvs) sugar paper and some sturdy glue I should be able to make it something suitable all year round.

Liberty Advent Calender 2017


Liberty’s beauty hall is a mixture of affordable cult eg mane and tail which you can get in your local Paks) and spendy eg Surratt.  The products in Liberty’s Advent Calendar are on the spendy end of the spectrum.  You don’t feel like there is an also ran product in the bunch.  I’m very happy with the selection.

Liberty Advent Calender 2017

Brown girl friendly

Sometimes advent calendars are not brown girl friendly.  They include a complexion product in buff or beige.  They include a tanning product or a hair straightener (I’m exaggerating… but you know what I mean)  All of these things are not this brown girl friendly.  Hair is a minefield for brands.  Textured hair has specific needs so I was happy to see that I could use all the products. I don’t ‘need’ a volumising product … but it is from Aveda so probably won’t do my locs any hard. Imma use it!

Liberty Advent Calender 2017

Size of the products

This is where Liberty gets the gold star.  The size of the products is significant.  I think in the trade they are called deluxe sample sizes.  Example, you get 3.5g of Orgasm blusher.  Now, as much as I wish it was a different shade of blush (I am so over orgasm…blush) I really can’t complain about the size.  I can get more than five uses from everything in the calender – result!

Liberty Advent Calender 2017

Final thoughts

The Liberty Advent Calendar is not cheap.  Let’s talk straight. Do I think it is worth putting some money aside for it in the preceding months? Yes.  If you are a beauty junkie, if you like the range of products that are sold at liberty. If you often gift products from advent calendars (they are great for beauty hampers) this is a must.

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