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MDM Flow

MDM Flow

If you have not heard of MDMflow I am about to set you straight so that you can support this brilliant British makeup brand.  Florence Adepoju is the woman behind the brand who put her aptitude for science and passion for art and music inot the brand.  Following a degree in Cosmetic Chemistry this nineties baby as taken the musical influences of the decade, added her own sparkle and MDMFlow was born… in the shed at the bottom of her parent’s garden.  Flo started selling her products on line and has built up cult following which has led to her products being sold in bricks and mortar stores internally as well has Top Shop and Harvey Nichols in the UK.  If you love colour and want your products to have the purse factor MDMFlow is a brand you need to check out.

MDM Flow


The Packaging

The rounded gold lids is a feature of all the products and makes the products stand out in your makeup bag.  The liquid lipsticks have a doe foot applicator which picks up plenty of product without flooding the lips.  The lipstick mechanism is very smooth, the bullet is not as weighty as I would like but a good bullet nonetheless.

MDM Flow Liquid lipsticks

Retro and Ninety Four –  Liquid Lipsticks (£19.00)

The liquid lipsticks were the first  product in the MDMFlow range Retro – a dusky pink and Ninety Four an orange brown. Sadly there are no purple liquid lipsticks on the website.  I bought both these shades with specific reasons in mind.  Retro is a great centre of the lip highlight on my rich skintone.  It elevates a nude lip, with or without a clear gloss.  Ninety Four is a welcome addition to my nude lip wardrobe and my favourite of the two shades. Where Retro can be slightly steaky on me on not fully opaque on my lips which are two different shades, Ninety Four applies like a dream.

The formula of these lipsticks dries completely matte.  They are comfortable to wear (if you have dont lip prep – exfoliatoion and balm) but you do need to let it dry completely before mushing your lips together or adding any other lip products.  The confectionary smell does not linger and

MDM Flow Von Dutch Lipstick

Von Dutch Lipstick (£15.00)

Von Dutch is an orange lipstick.  I think that orange is one of hte mmost flatttering colours that women with deep and dark skintones can wear..  However, it is really difficult to get a good orange lipstick. one that registers as orange and not red on the lips.  Von Dutch is an orange lipsticks that is orange on my lips.  I dont get full opacity with this traditional lipstick formula with a sheen and a slightly moisturising formula but it layers beautifully of the liquid lipstick formula..  The only think I dont like about this lipstick is the smell.  I don’t like rose scented products and the lipstick has rose oil added.  For that reason I tend not to wear it so much as a lipstick but use it as a base for blush.  If the brand ever extends into blush shades this is a perfect colour for rich skintones.

MDM Flow Greater Than Mascara

Greater Than – Mascara (£24.00)

The newest addition ot the MDMFlow range is the Greater Than mascara.  If you have short straight stubby lashes like me, this probably wont be a holy grail mascara for you.  I love the wand – it reminds me of Ecessive Lash from Makeup Forever.  It lays down the formula on the lashes bueautiful and separates each and every lash.  The formula is wetter than I personally llike so it is best about 6 weeks into use when it has become a bit drier.


Final Thoughts

MDMFlow is a great brand.  I love the fact that Flo is really focussing on getting their formulas of each product right before moving onto the next product.  The only con with this range is the lack of purple.  I really wish there was a permanent purple shade in the range.  The ninties were my clubbing hey day and I wore plenty of purple during that decade!


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