Tools of the Trade: Louise Young Cosmetics Eyeshadow Brushes

Louise Young Brushes

Louise Young Cosmetics recently had a sale.  There was up to 30% of makeup brushes so i had to take a look.  As I get older my eyes get more hooded and I find that in need smaller and smaller brushes to get the looks that i want so I was in the market for eyeshaow brushes.  I first became familiar with Louise  Young eyeshadow brushes in 2012, not long after I started my blog.  You can read my review (please forgive the dodgy photography) here.

Filbert Shape

Louise Young Brushes

All the brushes that I picked up are the ‘filbert’ shaped brush.  The shape, depending on the resource you look at is either said to mimic a cat’s tongue or your finger tip.  Either way this rounded shape is great for the placement of colour


This is a packing brush.  At half an inch wide it is sizeable on my small eyes but I like to use it when I want a wash of colour on the lids.

Louise Young Brushes


This brush is the smallest from my haul.  It is perfect for smoking out liner on the top and bottom lashline line and adding colour to the inner corner.  I love this brush, it was past of my origianl louise young in 2012


If I am applying more than one shade on the lid, this brush is the perfect size.

Louise Young Brushes


This is the domed shadow brush. In terms of size it is inbetween the LY10 and LY18.  It is wider than the 10, 16 and 18 so it blends colour as well as packing it on.


With my hooded lids my natural crease is the bain of my eyeshadow looks.  This brush is called the Super Blender 1 and it takes eyeshadow in my crease from zero to hero.

OWLS Highlighter

Louise Young Highlighter

As well as the sale there was a give with purchase.  The OWLS highlighter is gold with a pink undertone.  it is very long lasting on the skin and is not blinding like other hyighlighters i have which makes it perfect for every day wear, and blending over cream colour.

If you are not familiar with Louise Young Cosmetics you can read more reviews of her products here and here.  The quality of brushes is impeccable and as you all know I am always happy to support a femail entrepreneur.

Louise Young Brushes

You can read more of my brush reviews here and here.  Follow me on Instagram for more beauty news and reviews.


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