Douvall’s Argan Lip and Cheek Colour Oil (Natural Collection)


Do you remember Alica Duvall?  I do… vaguely. She is famous for having plastic surgery and celebrity boyfriends.  She was regular fodder for the Daily Mail in the pre-Kardashian era.  Why am I telling you this? Because she has a beuaty range called Douvall’s.  My curiosity was peaked so I decided to dip into the brand.


The Brand

Douvalls is the result of  Alicia Douvalls travels to Morocco.  She found that the oil helped her skin and the brand was created from there.  All the products in the range incorporate 100% Organic Argan Oil in collaboration with a women’s agricultural cooperative in Morocco.


The Products

Argan Lip and Cheek Colour Oils are 15 ml each and housed in attractive silver tubes with gold lids.  Each colour is printed on a sticker on the front.  The metallic squeezy tube are easy to squeeze.


The Colours

  • Tropical Island – soft pink that sheers out ot nothing on my skin
  • Enchanted Spice – caramel brown that sheers out to nohing on my skin
  • Wild Honey – Peachy nude shade that sheers out to nothing on my skin


On the Skin

The level pigmentation in these colours is really light so when sheered out on my cheeks they are left with anS emolliant sheen but it is not really clear whether it is a brown, peach or pink tint.  It you want a base for blush these work well but if you are my skintone of deeper you wont get the benefit of the colour.  On the lips it is a similar thing. I can wear all fo them interchangably with a lip liner to get the shade of the lipliner.

There isn’t any added fragrance to these produts but they do have beeswax which is something to note if you are looking for vegan skincare.  I like the fact that the finish on the lip is quite matte, not super shiney.  I think a clear option in this formula would work well for men that dont want a sheen on the lips.


Final Thoughts

I like the idea of a lip and cheek colour but these just done deliver enough colour for them to be worth my while. I will only be using them on the lips. I like the fact that the oil is not super greasy so I can use it as a base for matte lip products.  The oils are available individually for £16 each or in a set for £42. I would suggest picking one up to try it first before investing in a set.  The price is comparable with other organic lip balms.

If you are looking for an lip product that does not have petroleum jelly / paraffin in them this is a good option.  If you are looking for a wash of colour and have pigmented lips, there are other options that will work better for you.

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