Pitti Fragranze 2018

Pitti Fragranze 2018

In a month’s time, I will be in Florence at Pitti Fragranze, spritzing and sniffing fragrances to my hearts content!  Excitement levels are off the chart and I am not ashamed to say that tasting Florentine cuisine is giving me as much pleasure as the event itself.

What is Pitti Fragranze?

Pitti Fragranze is a three day fragrance expo held every year in Florence.  You could think of it as an IMATS for fragrance.  The expo showcases over 200 fragrance brands, many of which are niche and independent.  There is also an opportunity for learning through a series of seminars.  Renowned perfume critic chandler Burr will be taking about fragrance in the Asian Market.  Italian pharmacy brand Santa Maria Novella will be providing guided tours.  Jo Malone will be launching their new fragrance Honeysuckle and Davana in their boutique in Florence during the expo.  I’m also very excied about the opportunity to experience the Boboli Gardens, which inspired Citron Boboli by Le Jardin Retrouve.  It is going to be a jam-packed couple of days and I cant wait!

Pitti Fragranze 2018

Familiar brands at Pitti Fragranze

As I mentioned, there will be more than 200 fragrance brands attending, many of which I’m familiar with including

  • London brand 4160 Tuesday will be there and I am keen to get my nose on their latest releases which I have seen them feature on Instagram.
  • Irish brand Cloon Klein which I discovered earlier this year in Les Senteurs will be there. I am very keen to find out more about this range. I love their circular packaging and
  • Pierre Guillame Paris – Iris Oriental is in my possession and Neroli Ad Astra is on my wishlist.

Brands I am going to become familiar with at PItti Fragranze

  • Atelier des Ors – Gold and luxury packaging but I haven’t got my nose on a scent yet!
  • Jul et Mad – I had just featured them on my Instagram. Lex in Stilettos is a new favourite and they will be there.
  • Ideo Parfumers – I have recently become acquainted with the brand and I am liking what I smell
  • Parfums Dusita – this brand was raved about by Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez in Perfumes the Guide, but is it worth the hype?
  • Phaedon Paris – What I have smelt from this brand I have enjoyed but I need to know MORE

Where can we see what you get up to at Pitti Fragranze?

Keep up with me on Instagram, and look out for future blog posts and a YouTube video once I return !


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