Spritz and Sniff: Jul et Mad – Stilettos on Lex

Recently I finished a fragrance and I decided (not that I needed an excuse) to purchase another wearable fragrance in it’s stead.  I chose Stilettos on Lex from Jul et Mad.  I had first discovered it a couple of months ago in Jovoy in Mayfair.

The Brand

Julien and Madolina (Jul et Mad) are the couple behind the brand. Their chance meeting in a café in Paris sparked not only the start of their relationship but the development of the brand which is an olfactory reflection of moments and milestones in their relationship. They develop the concepts of their fragrances in house and with partners to create each extrait de parfume.  The brand was created in 2012 and Stilettos on Lex is a fragrance from their first year.  The nose is Dorothee Piot who has created other fragrances in the Jul et Mad line.

The Packaging

I really appreciate the packing of this scent. I plumped for the 50ml which means that I did not have the sexy coffret, however it is beautiful nonetheless.  Starting with the outer box.  White with silver accents is very sleek. On opening the box, the lid of the bottle has a solid silver top.  The bottle is frosted glass to the rear and clear to the front.

The Notes

  • Lemon
  • Pear
  • Davana
  • Plum Liquor
  • Lilly of the Valley
  • Violet Leaves
  • Rose
  • Heliotrope
  • Iris
  • Carnation
  • Musk
  • Vanilla
  • Patchouli
  • Cedarwood

On the skin

For me the pear is the predominant note in the opening.  I am a fan of orchid fruits and the pear mixed with the heliotrope give a light unsweetened fruit element.  The plum liqor adds depth without added sweetness so the overall result is grown up fruity floral.  The dry down of the scent is fruit to floral to powder. It lasts all day on the skin developing beautifully whilst retaining it’s integrity.  Stilettos on Les has patchouli in the base. If you have been reading my reviews for any period of time you know that I am not a patchouli fan.  It does not register on my skin at patchouli at all even in the last fleeting moments on the skin.

Final thoughts

I love this fragrance for it’s wearability.  I feel that it has mainstream appeal which niche fragrance snobs may be offended by, but that is not my intention.  There are times when I want to smell unique, obscure, different, individual etc.  But often, for the office, I want to smell good in a way that does not result in an inquisition from colleagues. With Stilettos on Lex I smell good different from other people in the office, but not strange odd or obscure.  That is why I love it and would recommend it for women who want to smell good and men who are not averse to smelling a bit  fruity sweet powdery.

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