Chantecaille Autumn/Winter 2020: Vanishing Species Collection

Earlier this week I  attended the launch of Chantecaille’s Vanishing Species Collection. Surrounded by the beautiful images of the collection and prosecco the lovely Chantecaille team talked me through the autumn/winter collection.

The Collection

The Vanishing Species collection celebrates the six most endangered species in Africa:-

Each animal is represented by a single eyeshadow with a beautiful  photograph of these majestic animals courtesy of wildlife photographer Mark Drury. Financial contributions from the purchase of the eyeshadows will support six different charities that help these animals across the continent. The funds will ensure that habitats are protected and that work continues to stop the illegal wildlife trade. The collection also has three lip products which also support Space for Giants as well as brushes.

Luminescent Eye Shades (Lion and Pangolin)

For me the eyeshadows are the stars of the collection. The Luminescent formula is new to the brand and features a high level of shimmer and sparkle in a variety of colour. The eyeshadows are a baked gelee formula so benefits from a synthetic or goat hair brush. It is similar to the NARS dual intensity formula, but has more reflex particles.  I was gifted Lion at the event. A stunning gold with a warm orange undertone. On my rich skin tone it definitely works as a highlighter as well as an eyeshadow and the shade stays supremely shimmery and bright all day. However, after swatching all the shades, I had to purchase Pangolin . Described as dusty lilac, it is more of a cool toned pink in my opinion. Stunning on the eyes an the perfect complement to all my purple eyeshadow looks.

Lip Veil (Baoab)

Baoab is described as a tawny mocha peach. On my lips it is a sheer nude tone which works best with a brown lip liner. The formula Is very much at the coloured lip balm end of the lipstick spectrum. There is not a huge amount of opacity in the shade although it can be layered for more intensity. The Baoab oil in the formula gives the slips a sheen without being too shiny and I really like it.  It is supremely moisturising but provides a finished elegant look to the lips especially in nude shades.

Final Thoughts

Chantacaille have exquisite formulas across both skincare and makeup. I always have high expectations for the brand and the Vanishing Species colletion did not disappoint me.  The brand’s record on philanthropy speaks for itself. and it is fantastic to see the stunning south Sudanese model Fatima Said fronting the Vanishing Species campaign. Overall it is a beautiful collection but you can pick and choose the elements which work best for you. This collection is definitely worth swatching at your local stockists and if sophisticated glitter with a nude lip is your makeup style, you will love this collection.

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