Diptyque Haul; Pomander Bougie, Candle Snuffer and Wick Trimmer

I don’t need an excuse to gift myself at any time of the year but at Christmas especially I am keen on picking up a ‘Christmas gift’ for myself. This year gift was actually three and all from the French brand Diptyque.

Pomander Candle

I enjoy Diptyque candles. For me they were definitely the gateway brand to other luxury candles.  Whilst they are not the range that I purchase most these days, I still enjoy the chic contemporary design and the well blended scents. Pomander is an obvious choice for this time of year. A traditional spice and candied peel blend which for me would not be out of place at any time of year. The fragrance the lingers in the box is distinctly spicier then the lit candle. The candied peel element is subtle. Not overtly citrus and thankfully not candy sweet. My favourite element of the lit candle however is that the spice blend does not dominate. The result is a warming scent that quickly envelopes the room with the feeling that you should be wearing your favourite PJ’s and drinking a delicious hot toddy!

Candle Snuffer (£25.00)

Blowing out candles should be a straightforward task. Without the right velocity of breath, angle within the glass holder the every present possibility that your hair can get in the way and that likelihood of blowing hot wax around, it can be a bit of a faff. Enough of a faff to warrant purchasing a candle snuffer?

Clearly I think so. Lighting a lovely candle and taking some time to enjoy the gentle illumination of the room and the arc of the throw of the scent is a bit of a ritual for me. Having a candle snuffer is a lovely way to mark the end of the ritual; no more, no less.

The sturdy metal extinguishes the flame in less than a second. No smoke emanates from the wick, distorting the fragrance and T.A frivolous purchase that I don’t regret and that I use whenever I light a candle, which is several times a week.

Wick Trimmer (£25.00)

Candle aficionados know that a wick that is too long leads to a problematic burn. A trimmed wick is always the answer and a standard scissors doesn’t do the trick.

The Diptyque Wick Trimmer has the blades at an angle almost horizontal to the rest of the trimmer.  It means that regardless of the size of the glass you can achieve a horizontal cut of the wick. New as well as burned candles benefit from a wick trim and angle of the blades ensures that excess wick stays on the blades and does not fall into the candle wax.

Final Thoughts

For me, Christmas is a time of indulgence and I am really happy with my Christmas gift to myself. I picked up all three items from Space NK.    I went in with the intention of picking up a limited edition Christmas design candle.  However,  when I saw the accessories, it felt like a better option.  I had not seen them in the store previously so I was keen to snap them up.  If you love candles and are seeking to enhance your enjoyment or you are looking for a gift idea for a candle fan, the wick and snuffer will definitely be well received.

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