Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha Beauty Tool

My latest beauty purchase is the Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha beauty tool.  Yes, I’ve added another beauty tool to my arsenal. Why? Because beauty routines do not consist of lotions and potions alone. A good beauty tool will amply the effect of a good beauty routine.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a Chinese practice which consists of moving a stone across the skin. In the west it is often called scraping. Running the tool across the surface of the body can cause bruising which is believed to improve the circulation by bringing blood to the surface of the skin. Medical literature states that there is little evidence of the benefit of this technique when used on the body. As a facial practise however the level of scraping is not as intense as in the body and therefore does not cause the level of bruising that is seen on the body.


This brand is known for it’s range of plant based oils. Created in 2009 by breast cancer survivor Valerie Grandury who went through a lifestyle change becoming a health and wellbeing coach and ultimately creating a skincare range. I don’t subscribe to the ‘toxin free’ messaging but for me it makes sense that a brand that is so focused on oils have a tool of this type to use with them. I chose the Blue Sodalite stone (as opposed to rose quartz and jade) partly for the colour but also as blue sodalite if you believe the metaphysical association of the stone helps to relieve tension which is sadly something I suffer from. My dentist was the one who let me know that I clench my teeth so anything that will help to relieve the tension I have around my jaw is surely a good thing.

The Technique

Odacite advise that the tool can be steeped in warm water or cool water prior to following the directions to basically provide lymphatic drainage. I tried the tool warm but cool is my preferred way to use the tool. I keep it in the fridge and give is a generous rinse in cold water before using it. Puffy eyes and hay fever eyes are forever grateful for the cold too when used around the orbital bone. I also enjoy using it on my chubby cheeks to contour them. The tool had a detailed sheet which sets out the directions in which to use the tool and the edge to use according the part of the face that is being treated

Final Thoughts

As with most things in my beauty routine, I do a bit of research, read the instructions… and then do what I think works best for my skin. A beauty tool is not right for every skincare routine, and as with all things you won’t get the benefit of them if they are not used regularly. I enjoy facial massage but don’t manage to have as many professional facials as I would like. I am prone to insomnia and broken sleep which manifests itself as a puffiness in my face. That on top of having a naturally round face and a beauty tool that I can use as part of my bed time routine is beneficial.

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